NEW LAUNCH: Missha Perfect Clean Misty Sanitizer

Hello everyone!

How are you guys doing in the daily fight against germs and bacterial?

Good? Awesome! 🙂

For me, keeping my hands and fingers clean is of utmost importance because GERMS! I love my anti-bacterial hand soaps and i love my anti-bacterial shower gel, but what about hand sanitizer?

Nope. Just nope! The idea of a hand sanitizer is good. It is handy, it is portable, it is your first line of defense in unthinkable situations. However, the texture of it is simply not to my liking. I just don’t want to rub a gel that evaporates and simply feels next to nothing after that – it is just so strange! Anyway, that is just me. But lucky enough for me, Korean beauty brand, MISSHA, has just launched a hand sanitizer in a spray mist form. Perfect for someone like me i think!

credit: Missha Korea website
credit: Missha Korea website

Introducing the Perfect Clean Misty Sanitizer in 5 lovely scent! I am personally drawn to the Cool Ocean and Clean Forest. From what i can discern, these misty sanitizers are anti-bactericidal and moisturizes at the same time.

Apart from using on our hands, the brand says you can even use it in two other ways:

credit: Missha Korea website
credit: Missha Korea website

Each bottle holds 33ml of the sanitizer and comes in a plastic body with sprayer to dispense it out in a mist form. The NEW Missha Perfect Clean Misty Sanitizer are retailing at ₩3,500 on their official website .

So, will you be switching your regular gel sanitizer for this misty sanitizer?

Let me know! 🙂

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