NEW LAUNCH: Skinfood x Eva Armisen collection

Skinfood has previously collaborated with Spanish artist, Eva Armisen, in a previous collection with illustrations that highlighted family love. This time round, Skinfood is again collaborating with Eva to inject some joy and waterful days for all to feel and enjoy. Let’s take a look! Advertisements

NEW LAUNCH: Thefaceshop x Kakao Friends

Finally, something that isn’t adorned with the Line Friends but the chitty-chatty Kakao Friends! We know from previous VDL collections that they are collaborating with Kakao Friends, and the brand being part of the bigger LG group, it is only natural that they are expanding the collaboration to Thefaceshop! Afterall, Thefaceshop is one of their…

NEW LAUNCH: Code Glokolor x Moomin Season 2

Season 1 is so 2015, that is why we are welcoming (and seeing) all sorts of Season 2 collabs from your K-Beauty brands lately. After Alice in Wonderland from Beyond, Crayon Shin Chan from A’Pieu, Line Friends from Missha, today, I have team Moomin from Code Glokolor! Let’s take a look!

NEW LAUNCH: Missha x Line Friends Season 2

Arrrghh…all these NEW and limited editions the K-Beauty brands are pushing out recently are seriously too much! So many products, so little money! Haha. Well, in any case, let’s take a look at the Season 2 of the very adorable and highly anticipated Missha x Line Friends collab!

NEW LAUNCH: A’Pieu x Crayon Shin Chan Season 2

Spring is coming and she cannot be denied, so welcome her with both hands but remember to slather on some good sun screen and masks and off to the garden for picnics you go! Speaking of sunscreens and masks, A’Pieu have released their 2nd season with Crayon Shin Chan. Let’s take a look!