New Launch: The Face Shop x Hoodie Ryan

The Face Shop has previously launched several limited edition collections based on various characters (e.g. The Simpsons, Kakao Friends, Kungfu Panda), but the next one to be released has got me really excited.


Because the entire collection is based on Ryan from Kakao Friends!

The collection, The Face Shop x Hoodie Ryan, is slated to hit the stores in Korea from 21st September. Availability in international stores are subjected to terms and conditions, so I’d recommend you to direct your interests to the relevant channels for updates.

Below are some of the products that will be included in this release. Enjoy!



From the images above, we can expect:

  1. (Hoodie Ryan) Special Cushion Case
  2. (Hoodie Ryan) Monopop Eyes, 2 colors
  3. (Hoodie Ryan) Volume Up Tint, 4 colors
  4. (Hoodie Ryan) Key Ring Lip Balm, 3 colors
  5. (Hoodie Ryan) Milk & Shea Body Wash
  6. (Hoodie Ryan) Milk & Shea Body Lotion
  7. (Hoodie Ryan) Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream
  8. (Hoodie Ryan) Trendy Nails
  9. (Hoodie Ryan) Mini Bake-Up Bar, 3 variants
  10. (Hoodie Ryan) Quick Hair Puff, 2 colors

Woohoo~ Who else is with me on this Hoodie Ryan collection?

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