New Launch: Missha Tone Control Corrector

Everyone has a different undertone. But we all have one ‘want’ — to look better. For instance, the Asians tend to have a more sallow/yellowish undertone. To counter that, based on the color wheel, a lavender/purple hue is normally used to neutralize it, thus creating a brighter complexion that still look natural.

In short, depending on what the concerns are, there is something — or some color, to tackle it.

At Missha, they have launched 4 new liquid color correctors to help consumers look their best.

The Tone Control Corrector comes in 4 hues, namely Rose, Green, Lavender and Glow Beige. Below you will find a brief explanation on what individual color is targeting and areas where it’d be best used on.

Missha Tone Control Corrector.jpg
Adapted marketing copy. May not be 100% accurate. Image credit: Missha

These color correctors are retailing for ₩7,800 (approx USD$7, SGD$9, €6, £5)


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