NEW LAUNCH: SecretKey Energy Lift Massage Cream & Micro 3D Face Roller

Another day, another newly launched product!

Today, Korean brand SecretKey, introduced their version of massage cream that is touted to give you a younger-looking skin that is hydrated, soft, plump and with signs of aging reduced. It is also said that with the use of their Micro 3D Face Roller, the results will be more significant and optimized (whatever that means!)

Let’s take a look!

Credit: SecretKey Korea website
Credit: SecretKey Korea website

Here is what’s (partial) mentioned in their official blurb:

Ubiquinone and Herb Complex contained.

– Fast absorbing into skin

– Leaving skin youthful-looking

– Soothing extra dry, irritated skin

This massage cream is professionally designed as a primary solution that helps optimize elasticity and reduce the visible signs of aging.

We recommend you to use massage cream with face roller. This is optimum for all types of skin.

Q. So…what is Ubiquinone?

A. Well, Ubiquinone is more commonly known as CoEnzyme Q10. This CoQ10 is a naturally occurring nutrient produced by the body. With this CoQ10, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothen as it improves the epidermal layer of the skin. It also encourages and strengthen the Collagen and Elastin to keep skin firm and taut (source).

Q. And…Herb Complex?

A. In a nutshell, this is a combination of extracts from several botanical plants. Brands generally harness the benefits and characteristics of each botanical plant to provide a myriad of skin care benefits. The more common benefits are: skin soothing, relaxing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, protection (the list goes on). From the blurb, I think they did include caffeine, green tea and lavender. The rest, well, my Hangul is terrible. 😛

Let’s take a look at the Micro 3D Roller now:

Credit: SecretKey Korea website
Credit: SecretKey Korea website

Alright, so from the blurb, we now know what the massage roller looks like. It also appears that the roller isn’t just meant for the face only. As you can see, the roller can be used on the neck, under arm, waist and thigh. Just remember to sanitize after each use ya?

According to their website, the price for each item is:

  • Energy Lift Massage Cream 150ml ₩18,000
  • Micro 3D Face Roller ₩49,000 (however, there is a promotion on their website now where you get the full size massage cream free when you purchase the roller)

Will you be getting this item? Honestly, i would purchase the massage roller and then pair it with a fat-burning or body-sculpting body treatment. I do want to complement my weekly workout to achieve a better result 🙂

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