NEW LAUNCH: M Missha Magic Cushion

BB Cushion – the rushing mornings’ life savior!

One of my favorite Korean brand – Missha, has just release a brand new BB cushion seemingly to welcome the Spring/Summer season. 🙂 Let’s take a look!

Missha has joined in the cushion game just a couple of months ago with a new take on the traditional BB Cushion. The first BB cushion they launched was just the Magic Cushion Case and customers were required to purchase the UV Cushion Base in satchels. Customers may then cut open these little satchels and pour the BB liquid into the sponge within the cushion case. In a way, users may easily and conveniently ensure their BB cushions are always ‘full’.

The new released M Magic Cushion could be the upgraded version of that (Magic Cushion Case + UV Cushion Base) and comes with better ingredients for various skin care benefits.

Anyhoos, let’s take a look at the official blurb:

Credit: Missha Korea website
Credit: Missha Korea website

The NEW M Magic Cushion appears to provide skin with intense hydration with its botanical plants extract and imparts a natural finish with an almost complete coverage.

The M Magic Cushion is retailing at ₩4,800 (aprox. SGD$5.90, USD$4.30, €3.80, £2.80; direct currency conversion)

Yes, the M Magic Cushion is indeed listed as that price! OH MY GAWD! 😛 How can i say no to that? However, i suppose we all have to wait for a little while longer because a little bird told me that the item has already sold out (the horror!) in several stores in Korea at the time of this post!

Nevermind. Good things come to those who wait, let’s give the brand a little more time yeah?

If you want to know more about this BB Cushion, do visit their website here.

Do you own any BB Cushion? Do share with me your favorite BB cushion in the comment box below 🙂

6 thoughts on “NEW LAUNCH: M Missha Magic Cushion

    1. Haha! Don’t we all know the horrors of autocorrect! Well, I do not have access to the ingredient recipe right now but I am equally curious to know that too. As with most of their latest product offerings, I am hoping they will exclude those nasties in the new cushion bb 😁

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