NEW LAUNCH: Mamonde Honey Sleeping Mask (Rose & Jasmine)

Oh honey, you’ve been missed. In my tummy and on ma face! 😛

Korean beauty brand – Mamonde, recently released two very delicious sounding and smelling AND looking honey-based sleeping masks. Let’s take a look!

Credit: Mamonde Korea website
Credit: Mamonde Korea website
Credit: Mamonde Korea website
Credit: Mamonde Korea website

I am very, very partial to the scent of Jasmine so i think i will be very happy going the rosy way! 🙂

Personal preference aside, the use of honey in sleeping mask isn’t exactly a new in the market seeing that another beauty brand – Holika Holika has already got 3 variations of the honey sleeping mask (Canola, Acerola and Blueberry Honey Sleeping Pack) out already for awhile.

Both honey sleeping mask are retailing at ₩15,000 (approx. SGD$18.60, USD$13.40, €12.50, £9; prices derived from direct currency conversion).

If you’re hungry interested in the honey masks, do visit their website here.

4 thoughts on “NEW LAUNCH: Mamonde Honey Sleeping Mask (Rose & Jasmine)

  1. I was about to throw both in my cart when I saw them last week. I had to remind myself that I still have a ton of sleeping packs at home. They do look amazing though!


  2. I’m gonna write an article about sleeping packs these next days, because it’s not famous in France! However, I really like this kind of night masks and I really wish that french people would also enjoy it at the end.

    Concerning Mamonde sleeping masks: I’m keen of jasmine and rose fragrances and the packaging is just amazing *.* Did you finally tried one of them ?


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