NEW LAUNCH: Laneige Homme Oil Control Range

Who says the men don’t get it? The men DO get it – in the form of dedicated skin care products targeted at them.

Guy’s skin are very prone to excessive sebum production, which can translate to clog pores and unwanted shine. Since sebum is such a bane to achieving better complexion, cosmeceutical brands are pushing out more and more product lines that works to control the sebum production and/or bring forth a more balanced oil and water level within the skin. But with so many choices out there, which one should you choose? For me, i’d go check out some of my personal favorite brands first and explore from there.

First stop – the NEW Oil Control range from Laneige. Let’s take a look!

Credit: Laneige Korea website
Credit: Laneige Korea website
Credit: Laneige Korea website
Credit: Laneige Korea website

There you go, a cleanser and a toner that is marketed as oil controlling and re-balancing for the men’s skin. With its healthy and successful track record, i’d try products from Laneige in a heartbeat and i hope you would too!

The pricing for the Laneige Homme Oil Control range are:

1. Oil Control Cleanser ₩18,000 (approx. SGD$22, USD$16, €15, £11; prices derived from direct conversion)

2. Oil Control Water Lotion ₩30,000 (approx. SGD$37, USD$27, €25, £18; prices derived from direct conversion).

To find out more about these new men’s product, do visit their website here and here.

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