NEW LAUNCH: Missha Signature Essence Cushion (feat. Piet Mondrain)

Missha, Missha, Missha, you have done it again! Surprising me and making me falling in love deeper with you once again. Instead of blindly featuring collaborations with cutesy cartoon characters – and no, i am definitely not complaining here, you have decided to pay homage to the great Dutch painter Piet Mondrain with a special limited edition of the cushion casing of the Signature Essence Cushion.

I am impressed and really….just impressed! Let’s take look!

Credit: Missha Korea website
Credit: Missha Korea website

The cushion within is the brand’s more premier line – Signature Essence, but with a change in the casing design with the iconic Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow, paying homage to the great Dutch painter Piet Mondrain. As a minor Arts student in my high school, i can honestly say that this iconic work of his really speaks to me.

The NEW Signature Essence Cushion featuring the iconic work of Piet Mondrain is retailing at ₩5,800 (approx. SGD$7, USD$5, €4.80, £3, ¥635; prices derived from direct conversion).

For the love of cushion and art, if you are interested, do visit their website here and get one now!

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