NEW LAUNCH: Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask

Woohoo, so it’s not all the Koreans that has the fun – Sephora has gamely released a range of sleeping masks under their Sephora Collection line.

All gel-creme textured, all capsuled, all wondrous for just before bedtime!

All 8 delicious choices, which one would you like? Let’s take a look

Credit: Sephora website
Credit: Sephora website
Credit: Sephora website
Credit: Sephora website

8 delicious flavors, 8 different benefits!

Pearl Mask: Evens and helps minimize irregularities for skin tone that is even, fresher, and brighter.
Ginseng Mask: Provides a tightening effect while toning for a supple, fresh, and energized complexion.
Lingzhi Mask: Smooths wrinkles and minimizes the signs of aging for younger-looking skin.
Lotus Mask: Locks in water and reduces the signs of fatigue for the appearance of plumper, more rested skin.
Rose Mask: Plumps skin and gives an immediate radiance boost for hydrated, more luminous skin.
Green Tea Mask: Absorbs excess sebum and purifies for a matte, clean complexion.
Pomegranate Mask: Awakens and tones the skin while reducing signs of fatigue for a revitalized look.
Honey Mask: Nourishes and relieves dry skin instantly for softened, balanced skin.

The Sleeping Mask is retailing at US$4.00 (approx. SGD$6, ₩4,500, €4.80, £3, ¥491; prices derived from direct conversion).

To find out more about these new sleeping masks, do visit their website here.

8 thoughts on “NEW LAUNCH: Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask

  1. I just picked one up today! I chose the moisturizing one because I will be traveling soon; I’m a huge fan of their sheet masks so I am excited to see how these preform!


      1. I am excited too! I just hope it doesn’t make me break out from too much moisture!


      2. Not crazy oily but just enough. I picked up the moisturizing one specifically because the day after I use it I will be flying for 7 hours!


      3. Ah! I understand. Yeah, but I wouldn’t worry about it because they are just basic sheet masks after all. I will just pay attention to either pat the remaining essence until it gets absorbed completely, or I’d pat it semi-dry with a piece of tissue. ☺️

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