Event: LUSH Singapore’s 4th store blogger party!

Just last Thursday, exactly a week ago today, i was invited down to Lush Singapore’s 4th store opening at Great World City and had the chance to really immerse myself in the full Lush experience courtesy of the brand’s PR manager and the outlet’s super friendly, super awesome staffers!

Conveniently located near one of the main entrance and smacked right beside Sephora, this Lush outlet is one place you cannot miss. Specially designed by the creative folks at their HQ, the 4th Lush store is conceptualized after ice-cream trucks and cheese delis. And with its open concept, even though the unit floor area is small, it doesn’t feel too cramped nor suffocating.

Now, i am not that good a photographer but i happily snapped away with my trusty iPhone that day, so please enjoy the following pictures 🙂

(It is indeed a great, great world party!)
(It is indeed a great, great world party!)
(Look at those stacks of cheese – er – i meant soap. LOL. So now you see where the cheese deli concept lies at?)
(They have THAT many hair care!)
(Got an event? Need a present? LUSH got you covered with content and box!)

4 5

(Facial soap that look and feels like bread!)
(Now this is their most popular shampoo bar which is said to encourage hairgrowth and is a hit with the boss. Can i have this please? For more hair, I will eat it if i have to!)
(GODIVA – just the name alone is enough to make one grab one)
(Sultana of soap? A soap version of the Italian nougat? SOLD!)
(Can i have a real french kiss please?)
(Yup, let me pop one or two in the bath and play with the bubbles~bubbles~)
(Sex bomb, sex bomb, i’m a sex – wait – what?)
(ahhhh…..color orgasm, anyone?)
(Besides luxurious soap bars, LUSH is pretty known for their handmade, natural skin care products too)
(I don’t have a million dollar but i can definitely have a Million Dollar Moisturiser!)
(I find this really interesting! This is a facial-serum-in-a-bar where you are supposed to rub it between your palms and then press the serum into your skin for it to get absorbed)
(Oatmeal with almonds and blueberry yogurt anyone?)
(More skin care products)
(With products as natural as can be, of course you can use it on both face and body)
(Don’t want the entire slab of soap? No problem! Have the friendly LUSH staffer help you cut them into smaller pieces)
(Playdoh-ish dough you can shower with? YAY! So, do you wanna build a snowman?)
(Whooooshh….it’s a jelly, it’s wobbly and it’s a non-edible shower jelly!)
(A purple shampoo to help maintain the color of grey and blonde hair. But it’s the name that actually catches my eye)
(So minty, so refreshing, so not dirty using this Springwash gelly!)
(and…..my lovely date for the fun LUSH evening:, Veronica!)

If you are on your way to the movies at the cinema upstairs, or just having a dinner or drinks at the many F&B places in the mall, do swing by and say hello to the lovely LUSH staffers there.

Thank you once again LUSH Singapore for inviting me down to the blogger party, and congratulations on your 4th store opening! Thank you for hosting me and my friend and sharing all things LUSH during the party. And to my readers, thank you for reading and joining me on this LUSH invite through the lens of my trusty iPhone.

Until next time, Ryan out!  🙂

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