Review: Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask

There is a saying that the eyes are windows to the soul. And keeping your eyes healthy and bright is something very important that everyone should pay a lot of attention to. Besides eating lots of leafy greens and fruits rich in beta-carotene, keeping the area around the eye hydrated is just as important. Because, if the skin is dry, it will become very susceptible to creasing and whatnot. To keep the eye area hydrated and healthy, you can apply a dedicated eye product and from time to time, slap on an eye mask and just lie on the couch, enjoy a shut-eye and wake up fresher looking!

And on the blog today, i will be talking about the Black Purifying Eye Mask from Innisfree. Read on to find out what i think about it.

Credit: Innisfree Korea website
Credit: Innisfree Korea website

According to the brand, the Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask) is/has:

  • Charcoal extract: Skin purifying ability
  • Black Food Complex: High in antioxidant and promotes healthy skin condition; made up of extracts from Black bean, Acai berry, Black garlic, Blackberry, Black sesame and Blueberry
  • Other interesting ingredients include: Black hoof mushroom, Burdock root, Kava, Soybean seed, Common Juniper, Rice, Eggplant, Youth berry (Omija), Mandarin peel, Orchid, Green tea, Japanese Camellia, Indian fig, Wild carrot root, Lemon, Fig, Aloe vera leaf, Sodium Hyaluronate

And here’s my experience with the eye mask:

Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask (1)

Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask (2)

Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask (3)

Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask (4)

(Product info and Ingredient recipe of the eye mask; click to enlarge)
(Product info and Ingredient recipe of the eye mask; click to enlarge)
(Can someone say Batman-wannabe?)
(Can someone say Batman-wannabe?)

Roaring view for [Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask]:

Product’s packaging : Simple plastic pack with a tear-to-open slit at the side towards the top
Product’s texture : Black cottony eye mask saturated with plenty of essence
Product’s scent : Fruity, sweet scent
Price point : SGD$4.00
Can be purchased from Innisfree Singapore outlets islandwide
Try-out period : Once
Personal take : I have actually heard a lot of good things about the “Black Purifying” line from Innisfree prior to purchasing the eye mask. Besides the eye mask, there is also one for the mask. And alike the eye mask, the face mask is also black in color and is touted as a purifying and brightening mask.

Similar to the face mask, this eye mask also contains Charcoal extract and Black Food Complex that helps in soothing, brightening and hydrating. Although the eye mask did not significantly brighten the under eye area after the mere 20 mins, it did at least make me look more, well, rested as with all good performing masks should.

The only qualm i have with the eye mask is the price point of it.

Will i recommend it? : Maybe; it is an above average-performing eye mask but the price point of it is somewhat higher than what i would have liked

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (3x Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask)

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