Review: Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement (Sponsored Product)

If you have been following my instagram (@ryanraroar), you’d have noticed that I had been given a bottle of Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement to sample and try for a month to see how well i liked it, and how my skin have benefited from it.

Well, after taking it for a complete month, it is time for a proper review of this made-in-Singapore skin supplement! Read on to find out all about it.

But first, a little info about the brand:

Credit: Ceramiracle website
Credit: Ceramiracle website
The science behind Ceramides skin supplement:

Credit: Ceramiracle website
Credit: Ceramiracle website
And a little more about the star ingredient – PhytoflOral:

Credit: Ceramiracle website
Credit: Ceramiracle website
According to the brand, the Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement is/has:

Credit: Ceramiracle website
Credit: Ceramiracle website
And these are some additional info i found:

  • PhytoflOral®Patented technology containing Phytoene and Phytofluene (the colorless carotenoids); with the ability to lighten, evening of skin tone and photo-protect the skin. With continued usage, the skin’s natural ability to resist sun damage is increased. According to a separate study, PhytoflOral® is able to significantly lighten the skin tone after 42 and 84 days of use (source)
  • Gynostemma (or  绞股蓝 Jiao Gu Lan in Chinese): A herbal medicine fondly referred to as the Southern Ginseng, Sweet tea vine and Fairy herb; belonging to the same family as cucumbers and melons
  • Pine Bark: Contain powerful antioxidants Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Compounds (OPCs) which help improve circulation, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, and increases the effectiveness of Vitamins C and E (source)
  • L-Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. It protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress and boosts the immune system

Okay! Everything sounds REALLY good and promising! But is it?

Well, here’s my experience with the skin supplement:

Ceramides (1)

Ceramides (2)

Ceramides (3)

Ceramides (4)

Ceramides (5)

Ceramides (6)

Ceramides (7)

Ceramides (8)

Ceramides (9)

Ceramides (10)

(ta-dah! Clearer and more radiant skin thereafter)
Roaring view for [Ceramiracle Ceramides Skin Supplement]:

Product’s packaging : White plastic bottle with a silver cap
Product’s texture : White capsule
Product’s scent : n/a
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Ceramiracle; However, recommended retail price for a bottle is SGD$89
Can be purchased from Guardian Pharmacy outlets islandwide or from the brand’s website here
Try-out period : One month, one capsule daily after food (breakfast for me)
Personal take : I have been taking Ceramiracle for a complete month now and i am absolutely happy to report that it actually works! Before this, my skin was a little….combination-dry-ish from using way too much pimple cream. Consequently, there were dry patches on my cheeks and forehead and regardless of how thick a moisturizer i apply, I could still feel the dryness especially when i smile or frown.

When i received my bottle of Ceramiracle, of course i was really excited to try it! I mean, come on, it says that “Supplement can dramatically increase skin hydration, reduce fine lines, brighten and even skin tone in 15 days” and i sorely wanted it to work, if not, overnight. So okay, i began taking the supplement and monitored my skin daily. To be honest, upon the 15th day, i didn’t actually feel any difference. It was not until the 19th day that I felt that my skin didn’t hurt that much when i smile, nor feels tight when i frown. That is when i know that the supplement has started to work!

19 days into taking the supplement, i can actually see that my skin is a lot more radiant, post-acne marks lighten so much faster and when i smile or frown, my skin didn’t feel as painful nor tight like it did before when my skin was dry. Another interesting observation was that any pimples i had, all started to heal at a slightly faster rate and weren’t as red as before. I believe i have to thank the anti-inflammatory properties in the supplement for that!

PS. A brand rep later told me that i should touch my elbows because they should now feel a lot smoother, softer and less crinkly. Well, mine are definitely smoother and softer!! That is a good indicator that the Ceramiracle is working out for you, yay!

Will i recommend it? : YES! Although it’s a little pricey, but for the proven efficacy, I think it is an investment for the skin well spent!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (5x Ceramiracle Ceramides SKin Supplement)

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