Review: W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack (Sponsored Product)

Good Monday you all, hope you guys had a kick-ass weekend!

So today, I will be talking about the trending “vampire mask” that has seen many Korean beauty brands developing and releasing their take and version of it.

The “vampire mask” that I have tried and will be talking about is the W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack which was kindly sent over to me for reviewing purpose by  Q-Depot 2 weeks ago.

Read on to find out all about my experience with this mask!

First, a little something-something from the brand:

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack (Info - Kr)
Credit: W.Lab Korea website
W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack (Info - Q-Depot)
Credit: Q-Depot website

According to the brand, W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack is/has:

  • Improves various skin conditions such as brightening of skin tone, lifting to create a heart-shaped face line, soothe troubled skin, and hydrate the skin to achieve a smoother complexion
  • Contains 62% Rice Bran water (for brightening), Grapefruit extract (for toning), Rosehip Oil (for healing and conditioning), Hinoki Cypress water (for anti-trouble), Tea Tree extract (for anti-trouble), Volcanic Ash (for deep cleansing), Hyaluronic Acid (for intense hydration), Ceramide 3 (for skin strengthening), and Shea Butter (for moisture retention)
  • Contains Anemarrhena asphodeloides (root) extract, a medicinal herb which is rich in Saponins that is able to reduce inflammations and provides skin with antioxidant
  • Features a 7-Peptide complex consisting of
    • Acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argireline): Relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
    • Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 (Matrixyl): Stimulates collagen production and aids in the repair of sun damages
    • Caffeoyl tripeptide-1: Provides strong antioxidative effect and reduce inflammations
    • Sh-Oligopeptide-9 (CG-EGF): Boosting collagen production to prevent wrinkles and lines
    • Nicotinoyl tripeptide-1: Provides antioxidant and skin protection
    • Caffeoyl SH-Octapeptide-4: Provides strong antioxidant and anti-inflammation effects
    • SH-Octapeptide-4 & SH-Octapeptide-19

Below is my experience with the W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack:

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 01

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 02

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 03

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 04

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 011

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 012

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 013

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 0131

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 014

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 05

W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 06
(Here is me testing a blob of Tone Line Change Pack on the back of my hand)
W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 07
(And that’s how it looks like after spreading the mask around)
W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 08
(tick tock tick…2 mins passed…tick tock tick tock…5 mins passed and that’s how the mask looks like after drying a little)
W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 09
(annnnnnnnndd…this is the 12 mins mark – all dried around the outer perimeter)
W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 10
(hehe…after 15 mins, or when the mask is completely dried, you can actually peel if off. Whether it’s on the back of a hand, or on the face!)
W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack 11
(Notice how much cleaner and brighter the right side looked?)

Roaring view for [W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack]:

Product’s packaging : A bright orange squeeze tube with a plastic screw cap
Product’s texture : Thick, gooey texture
Product’s scent : A blend of orange and manuka honey
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Q-Depot; however, the Tone Line Change Pack is $21.04/70ml on their website
To view the product, you may click on the link to the product’s page on Q-Depot here
Try-out period : 2 weeks; once a week
Personal take : I was actually excited to finally trying the so-called Vampire pack which has been trending on the Korean social media platforms a while back. But as the mask was drying up on my face, the “pulling” effect as the mask transits from moist to dry was a little….uncomfortable (read: painful).

My sensitive skin was a little…red after rinsing it away and on the second day, my BB cushion did not sat nicely on my skin and it appeared patchy.

Well, I considered using it just like a normal 9 mins wash-off mask (just before it dries completely) but then again, it would defeat the whole purpose of it being a “vampire mask”. Right?

Will i recommend it? : No, despite the obvious after effect, it feels just a little painful when the mask is drying – when it’s transiting from wet to dry and the mask is “pulling” the skin

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (2x W.Lab Tone Line Change Pack)

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