My Beauty Routine

Hello everyone!

We are 9 days into the brand new 2016 and how are things going on in your life? For me, everything is pretty much the same, I am still waiting for my university results to be released and other than that, I am just doing some project work on and off.

Since December, the housing apartment where I am residing in is undergoing some mandatory upgrading work, thus I am unable to do any reviews proper as the place is in a constant mess and the dust from the hacking and sawing does not make a conducive place to work or take photographs at. However, I believe that the upgrading work for my apartment building is coming to a close soon, so I should be back to posting review propers soon-ish. So I do apologize for the lack of review posts on my blog, but I am always posting stuff over on my instagram account and perhaps you might wanna hop on over and see what I am up to over there? My instagram user ID is Ryanraroar if you’d like to give me a follow.

Okay, with that out of the way, let me return to the main topic for today’s post: my beauty routine! Yup, you read that right. Today, I will be talking about my daily beauty routine, the various products I am using, and talk a little about why I am using the product I am  using. Most of the products mentioned are all purchased by me unless otherwise stated; but you know how it goes with me, my views of the products are genuine and is derived after a period of personal testing. If it works, if works!

Alright, before we move on, let me just briefly talk about my skin type and the concerns I have. So, I have a classic combination skin type, with oilier t-zone and dryer cheeks. As a man with overzealous sebum secretion, I also have problems with how easy my pores tend to clog up, ingrown hairs are very commonly sighted, and pores tend to look more visible.

As you scroll down, you’d realized that I am piling on quite a bit of products. The trick is to apply the product according to how easy it absorbs into the skin. From there, you can build your own routine easily. Also, this is very important, what works for me might not work for you. Although you may see that we share very close or similar skin type and conditions, our skin may react differently to the products which I am using and sharing here – especially those products with AHA, BHA, alcohol, etc etc. But do not worry, just scroll on, have a read and try to understand where I am coming from and why I am using the particular product in that step. After reading through everything, I hope you’d get some inspirations and build the routine that best suits you! Trust me, it is really not a scary feat.

And here goes:

Step 01 - First Cleanse

Step 02 - Second Cleanse

Step 03 - Acid Tone

Step 04 - Boosting Essence

Step 05 - Essence

Step 06 - Targeted treatment

Step 07 - Moisturizer (Day)

Step 07 - Moisturizer (Night)
Sponsored by L’egere Singapore for my reviewing purpose

Step 08 - Eye care

Step 09 - Sun protection

Step 09 - Spot Treatment

Step 10 - Lip nourishment

Step 10 - Base product

Step 11 - Setting powder

Illustrations credit: Rami McMin and FreePik

There you go, these are the steps to my daily beauty routine!

In the morning, on the average, I take about 5~8 mins for my face. And in the night, on the average, I can take about 2 mins (super lazy), 3 mins (micro-dermabrasion & sleeping mask) to 10 mins depending on the “task” I want to complete.

I wonder, are you also using any of the products you see in my routine? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about it!

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      1. Hahaha..I’ve collected a couple and never looked back. 😜 just mostly looking forward to even newer ones. Like the Brown and Sally cushion case from Missha X Line Friends collection! 🙆🏻


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