Unboxing: Bifesta Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets (Sponsored Product)

Every now and then, I’d receive press kit that I will thoroughly enjoy as it offers an immersive, interactive and entertaining experience.

One such kit I received recently was for the newly launched Bifesta Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets c/o Touch PR and Events.

Not sure what I mean by interactive? Click the play button for the unboxing video below!

So what are the highlights of the new Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets? Below are some info about the new cleansing sheet which you might find interesting:

Product info 01
Credit: Bifesta
Product info 02.jpg
Credit: Bifesta

It is worth mentioning that the Squalane is derived from Sugarcane and is hydrating to the skin and protecting it from free radicals which can cause signs of pre-mature aging. According to the brand, with daily and consistent usage of the Oil-in Makeup Cleansing Sheets, the condition of the skin will improve gradually! In short, remove makeup and condition the skin all at the same time. Neat!

A product demo video can be found on Bifesta Japan’s website but I have taken the liberty to attach it below for your easy viewing. The original video can be found here.

Other than the new Oil-in formula, the convenient and extra large cleansing wipes also comes in 3 other variants, namely Bright Up (ideal for dull skin), Moist (ideal for dry skin), and Enrich (ideal for aging concern).

I have personally used the Bright Up cleansing wipe for my combination, acne-prone skin before and have experienced zero irritation, nor did it aggravate the acne condition. Although it cleanses my sunscreen and BB cushion easily, I will still follow up with a water-based cleanser regardless. In that sense, it does everything it claims and offers convenience especially when travelling.

Speaking of travelling, did you know that you can now purchase the Oil-in cleansing wipes in smaller packs too?

The regular pack of  Bifesta Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets retails for $14.50/40 sheets, while a traveller’s pack retails for $3.90/10 sheets only. The traveller’s pack is a necessity for me whenever I travel abroad. I can use in-flight and, of course, in the hotel room without the need of decanting my makeup remover from home. Containing just 10 sheets, it also makes the traveller’s pack a sleeker choice to have in your carry-on bag. Or makeup pouch.

If you’d like to purchase, or view the entirety of Bifesta‘s cleansing range, be sure to head down to the nearest Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, Sasa Singapore, BHG aLT Concept Store and more, to check it out!




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