The Drake’s #Clb meme – singapore style

If you have been cruising and scrolling online and around Instagram, chances are you’d have seen one those pregnant ladies meme post but instead of showing a whole belly, it is semi obscured by a product (or anything, really) from a beauty brand.

Have are some examples that I have found and wanted to share:

See what I mean?

Well, I decided that I was going to jump onboard this trending bandwagon and I did one too. But to make a little different, I made it all with Singapore beauty brands. Really. Take a look~!

It took a while but I am pretty happy about the end result!

From top to bottom, left to right, we have the following:

Sigi Skin Dream Capsule

Credit: Sigi Skin

Two Halves Better Balance Nutrients Networking Water Cream

Credit: Two Halves

Glowfully Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser

Credit: Glowfully

Ceramiracle True Bright Advanced Brightening Complex Serum

Credit: Ceramiracle

Iren Start Afresh Daily Enzyme Powder Wash

Credit: Iren

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyager Tri-light+ (Rose Gold Chrome)

Credit: Skin Inc

Re:erth Multi Targeted Elixir

Credit: Re:erth

PSA Heroine Superfood Glow Toner

Credit: PSA Skin

Allies of Skin Peptides & Omegas Firming Eye Cream

Credit: Allies of Skin

Balm Botanique Awakening Skin Tonic

Credit: Balm Botanique

Katfood Positivitea Matcha Scrub Mask

Credit: Katfood

Auolive Day Glower

Credit: Auolive

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it.

Thanks for reading!

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