“Knock knock, is this thing on?”

Hello everyone!

Knock Knock…is this thing on?

I guess if you are reading this, then i have succeeded in publishing my very first blog post, hurray!

Now, to get things started, let me briefly introduce myself.

My name is Ryan, though some of my closer friends call me ‘Lion’ – i wonder why. I am a Mass Communications student by day, superhero comics fanboy mid-day, and beauty enthusiast by night. Living with me is my adopted stray – Buddy. He’s a domestic short-hair tabby with a penchant for all things chicken. This lazy cat LOVES chicken – again, i wonder why.

Coming back to me, i have a passion for beauty – skin care, cosmetics and everything notwithstanding. I used to work with several Korean beauty brands here in Singapore (where i reside!) for many years and have with me years of experience, knowledge, know-hows and don’t-know-hows-still. I believe the industry is ever improving and evolving, so whatever i have learnt may be outdated or become irrelevant in times to come. Hence, i decided to create this little blog to share with anyone and everyone about what i know, what’s out there to be known, what’s interesting and what’s new.

I will also be sharing my personal opinion and view on products i have used, a little rambling and everything interesting! Alright, i will end the post here with pictures of Buddy and me. If i have piqued your interest, do stay around (or bookmark me!) for i will be sharing more in the following posts.

p.s. I used an iPhone 5 to take most of the pictures i will be uploading here, so please excuse the slight grainy pictures. I will try to take better pictures with a proper camera later on. 😛

(L) Buddy and I having a little mask time                         (R) I swear, i had an okay breath! Oooops!
Thank you for bearing with me! 🙂

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