Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask (Single use)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for returning to my blog where i will be posting my very first product review – The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask (Single use). 

Now, as everyone is aware, or has been formally introduced by the various magazines and TV shows, Tea tree / Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia Oil) has been touted as a natural remedy against pimples and skin’s oiliness. Studies have shown its remarkable innate ability when used topically (on the skin) to kill bacteria, prevent infections, as well as boasting an antibiotic function. This is exactly why it is such a go-to ingredient in the treatment of acne, pimples and more.

Lucky for us, we do not have to put on our sunnies and straw hats to go pluck us some Tea tree leaves to use. English brand, The Body Shop, has an entire skin care line whose primary star is the organic Tea tree oil!

Before we go on to the main show, here’s something from the brand:

credit: The Body Shop website
credit: The Body Shop website

Now, here’s where i insert my roaring view:

Product’s packaging : Clean, green, simple, hygienic
Product’s texture : Green creamy clay-ish texture
Product’s scent : Distinctive Tea tree oil
Price point : SGD$10 ($2.90 each, 4pcs for $10)
Try-out period : 2 weeks (4 packs, twice a week)
Personal take : It BURNS! I applied this on freshly cleansed skin and  there was the burning sensation right away. However, the sensation goes away in less than a minute. My sensitive skin accounts for the burning sensation i felt. When left on the skin during the recommended 10-15 mins, it was okay, nothing too discomforting. The creamy clay-ish texture lies nicely on the skin without dripping or slipping. The rinsing away afterwards was a cinch and it left my skin feeling refreshed and ‘breathable’. Upon the 3rd usage, the few pimples i had on my cheeks were noticeably controlled and on its way to healing. The mask does nothing for the marks left behind, so a separate spot lightening product is required.
Will i recommend it? : Yes. Only if your skin can take and react well to Tea tree oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask (captions)

Okay, here is where i sign off. I hope you guys enjoyed my little product review and do stay tuned for more to come!

Once again, thank you all for reading my blog, 안녕!   🙂

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