NEW LAUNCH: Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit

Nowadays, everywhere you turn, everything seems to be edging out for an advantage. It used to be high-definition. Now? We have ultra high-definition and 4K resolution! With everything striving to be clearer and one-up each other, it is time to up the makeup game by injecting some 4k resolution into it. Yes, i am talking about the highly sought after makeup technique that is known as contouring.

Newly entering the game of contouring is Korean big derma brand – Dr.Jart+, with their new BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit.

Let’s take a look:

Credit: Dr.Jart+ Korea website
Credit: Dr.Jart+ Korea website

Ta-dah! True to its name, there are 3 types of wand that enable you to easily 1, highlight, 2, neutralize and 3, bronzing.

They seems to be liquid-based for easy blending and comes with the typical doe-foot applicator for precise dipping-and-dotting.

Each BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit is retailing at ₩38,000 (aprox. SGD$46.50, USD$34.30, €30, £22.30)

If you are interested, do take a look on their website here, and lookout for the release in your local offline stores (i.e. Sephora, Guardian SG)

EDIT: A look at Sephora US website shows that this BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit is already available for purchase. Here’s an excerpt from the page with the product description and functions.

Credit: Sephora US website
Credit: Sephora US website
Credit: Sephora US website

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