NEW LAUNCH: Skinfood Tea Tree Line

Tea Tree Leaf or Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries now for relieving multiple skin conditions.

From insect bite, accelerate wound healing to reduce skin redness and pimples, Tea Tree Oil is often found in the medicinal cabinet of many herbalists and naturalists.

Personally, i have been using a Tea Tree Facial Oil (with a combination of other botanical oils) in the treatment of my acne breakout that happened several months ago and the condition has been controlled and dare i say improved tremendously. To this, i really have to credit the Tea Tree Oil and several other acne-fighting arsenals i was using during the treatment period (slightly more than a month). Ever since then, i have been looking out for products containing Tea Tree Oil. The Body Shop does some excellent Tea Tree skin care line, but as a beauty enthusiast that i am, i am always checking out on what’s new and cool. Enter Korean beauty brand, Skinfood and their new Tea Tree skin care line. Check it out!

A search on their Korean website shows that at the time of launch, there are only 3 products available to this line.

Credit: Skinfood Korea website
Credit: Skinfood Korea website

From their official blurb, we know the 3 products are:

  • Tea Tree Bubble Foam (200ml);

retailing at ₩11,000 (aprox. SGD$13.40, USD$9.90, €8.70, £6.40)

  • Tea Tree Cleansing Foam (200ml);

retailing at ₩10,000 (aprox. SGD$12.20, USD$9, €7.90, £5.90)

  • Tea Tree Face Oil (10ml);

retailing at ₩12,000 (aprox. SGD$14.70, USD$10.80, €9.50, £7)

*prices are converted directly from the Korean won with current exchange rate (direct conversion) without taking into account of shipping, custom taxes etc.

Let’s compare the same parameters with the ones Thebodyshop offers:

  • Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser (150ml);

retailing in TBS offline stores for SGD$20.90, USD$13, £5

  • Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash (100ml);

retailing in TBS offline stores for SGD$20.90, USD$12.50, £5

  • Tea Tree Oil (10ml);

retailing in TBS offline stores for SGD$19.90, USD$9.50, £7

I think it may be quite worthwhile to give the Skinfood a try. Afterall, they are a wholesome and uses only natural ingredients in their products. I will wait till they release it in the offline stores here in Singapore before giving it a try. 🙂

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