NEW LAUNCH: Amore Pacific Prime Reserve Epidynamic Activating Creme

Korea’s mega beauty brand – Amore Pacific, has just launched an exclusive and very prestige facial cream called the Prime Reserve Epidynamic Activating Cream and with only 2000 units are available globally, you can say that this is really really premium and prestige! But what is it really that makes it a must-get? Let’s take a quick look!

Here’s the official blurb from the brand:

Credit: Amore Pacific Korea website
Credit: Amore Pacific Korea website
Credit: Amore Pacific Korea website
Credit: Amore Pacific Korea website
Source: Google
Source: Neiman Marcus website

Oooohh…look at how exquisite the packaging is! And that dark emerald-ish spatula-cum-applicator too. ๐Ÿ™‚ It does have an allure to it, right?

Okay, let us now take a look at some of the features of this cream:

Credit: Amore Pacific USA website
Credit: Amore Pacific USA website

Here are someย additional information i managed to goggle:

Awaken Skin’s Youth Potential

  • 228,000 experiments conducted.
  • 4,000 green tea species researched
  • 1 % of AMOREPACIFIC’s Green Tea Fields located on Jeju Island.

Cultivated for its restorative properties, the rare green tea ingredient Absoluchinโ„ข has been extracted for the inaugural production of PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Creme.

Awaken skin’s youth potential with this groundbreaking skin science resulting from over 34 years of AMOREPACIFIC’s intensive green tea research.


AMOREPACIFIC enters the newest paradigm of anti-aging skincare with the introduction of PRIME RESERVE, a two-part skincare breakthrough with an innovative ingredient formula and revolutionary delivery system designed to awaken skin’s youth potential while enhancing the longevity of future generations of skin cells via epigenetic principals.

PRIME RESERVE reflects 34 years of AMOREPACIFIC’s intensive green tea research and nearly 50 years of AMOREPACIFIC clinical skincare science, utilizing a recently discovered rare green tea species found to produce a “super catechin,” a naturally occurring blend of EGCG and other anti-aging compounds, and AP 10 Bioemulsion technology, an innovative new delivery system that ensures superior penetration within only one hour of application.

Results from an extensive clinical study of identical twins showed visible differences between the two subjects, with PRIME RESERVE outperforming the premium corrective moisturizer.

(Credit: Neiman Marcus)

Pretty impressive feats eh? In fact, it is SO impressive that the 500 units allocated to Neiman Marcusย and the undisclosed units allocated to the U.S. are all sold out! Nothing has been mentioned nor reported regarding the 300 units allocated to the Hong Kong counters, however, it was mentioned that only customers who have received an invitation by the brand may then purchase the creme, no one else. I guess this really shows just how exclusive and limited this Prime Reserve Epidynamic Activating Creme is.

Each tub is retailing atย โ‚ฉ750,000 (aprox. SGD$920, USD$675,ย โ‚ฌ593,ย ยฃ439 – direct currency conversion).

If you are interested to find out more, do visit Amore Pacific Korea (here), Amore Pacific USA (here) and Amore Pacific Hongkong (here).

Have a crรจme that you really love? Do share with me in the comment box below ๐Ÿ™‚

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