NEW LAUNCH: TheFaceShop Concealer Double Cover V201/N203

Just when you thought you’ve got enough concealer in your makeup pouch to work your magic, you realized you forgot to bring a lighter/darker one! Well, if you had the new Concealer Double Cover from TheFaceShop, you wouldn’t be panicking at all! Let’s take a look why!

Credit: TheFaceShop Korea website
Credit: TheFaceShop Korea website

Interestingly, this product concept isn’t exactly the newest in the market, but it is definitely welcomed! Personally, i think this would be excellent in concealing those pesky dark eye circles. Of course, with a little imagination and a whole lot of makeup tutorials, this little nifty duo concealer is going to save lives and places!

The new Concealer Double Cover is retailing at ₩7,500 (approx. SGD$9.20, USD$6.70, €6.30, £4.50; prices derived from direct currency conversion).

If you are interested to know more, do visit their website here.

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