NEW LAUNCH: Missha Closing Cover Concealer (Liquid & Pencil)

Got a spot? Concealer it! Got those dark circles? Concealer it!

Concealer is like a magic eraser that covers those tiny little imperfections on our faces. As such, choosing the right concealer for the job is very important. You do not want something that is so dry that it appears patchy beneath your foundation. Yet, you do not want something that is just too liquidy that just smears away when you try to work your foundation over.

Newly added to their extensive collection of concealers are the Closing Cover Liquid Concealer and Closing Cover Pencil Concealer from Missha (one of my favorite Korean beauty brand!). Let’s take a look!

Credit: Missha Korea website
Credit: Missha Korea website
Credit: Missha Korea website
Credit: Missha Korea website

The beauty about a concealer is that if the wearability and coverage is good, all you need is just a touch loose powder or powder foundation and you are good to go! For me, a liquid concealer usually seems to be able to do the job and the new one from Missha seems promising. It boasts a hydrating formula that wouldn’t dry out the skin and makes it look patchy!

The prices for each concealers are:

  1. Closing Cover Liquid Concealer ₩6,800 (approx. SGD$8.40, USD$6, €5.70, £4; direct currency conversion).
  2. Closing Cover Pencil concealer ₩5,800 (approx. SGD$7.10, USD$5.10, €4.90, £3.50; direct currency conversion).

If you are interested in these new concealers, do visit their website here.

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