NEW LAUNCH: Holika Holika Healing Nails Finger Gloves

Are your fingernails dry and rough?

Do you want to do a treatment hand mask but ain’t got time to just lie down there? Well, with the new Healing Nails Finger Gloves from Holika Holika, you can pamper your fingers and fingernails, and check on your Facebook simultaneously!

With the exterior of the finger gloves being screen-friendly, you can now do the mask and scroll up or down (or swipe left, swipe right) on your smartphones easily.

Credit: Holika Holika Korea website
Credit: Holika Holika Korea website

Simply slide the masks onto each finger, wait around for 30 mins and voilà, pretty fingernails at your fingertips. DUH! 😛

These finger gloves are retailing at ₩1,500 (approx. SGD$1.90, USD$1.30, €1.30, £0.90; direct currency conversion).

If you are interested in these finger gloves, do visit their website here.

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