NEW LAUNCH: Tonymoly 5. Day Project

I knew my favorite Korean brand is going to come up with something like this sooner or later!

If you are wondering what i am talking about, well, let me briefly explain it here. Imagine you have a box of masks with corresponding instructions and steps for you to follow to achieve a healthier and better skin condition. Who wouldn’t want that right? And in the case for Tonymoly, this is their new 5. Day Project. 

Let’s quickly take a look at it, i can barely hold my excitement! 🙂

Credit: Tonymoly Korea website
Credit: Tonymoly Korea website

Woohoo! 🙂

The new 5. Day Project is retailing at ₩15,000 (approx. SGD$19, USD$13, €12, £9; prices derived from direct currency conversion).

If you are interested like i am, do visit the website here.

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