Review: Berrisom Animal Mask – Dog

And…..i am back with a brand new animal mask review! 🙂

Hello everyone, i hope you guys have been well and haven’t been April fooled terribly! I wasn’t fooled but I could have easily been because i have quite a gullible nature. Oops!

Anyhoo, today i would like to share with you guys on the 4th animal mask – Berrisom Animal Mask (Dog), that i’ve purchased some time back.

ICYMI: The 1st animal mask was the SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask (read here), 2nd was the Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep (read here) and the 3rd was the SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask (read here).

As usual, the product blurb from the brand:

Credit: Berrisom Korea website
Credit: Berrisom Korea website
Credit: Wishtrend website
Credit: Wishtrend website

Out of the 7 animal characters available from Berrisom, I have only tried the Sheep mask so far. Plus, I will be reviewing the Dog mask today and will review the Cat mask soon, I would very much love to try all the other 4 animals (Panda, Monkey, Tiger & Raccoon) mask if i ever get the chance.

Alright, moving on, let’s go into the actual product review.

(Little Sonny Angel Chihuahua is happy the dog mask doesn't look a bit like her!)
(Little Sonny Angel Chihuahua is happy the dog mask doesn’t look a bit like her!)
(Woof woof...woof!)
(Woof woof…woof!)

Roaring view for [Berrisom Animal Mask – Dog]:

Product’s packaging : Simple plastic mask pack with an animal face printed sheet mask. The sheet mask material is thin but adheres to skin nicely
Product’s texture : The mask is soaked with essence and does not feel sticky at all (Seriously!)
Product’s scent : Light, refreshing and uplifting scent
Price point : SGD$4 (Price is after a store discount)
Berrisom e-store, Gmarket, Roseroseshop, Wishtrend
Try-out period : Once (20 mins)
Personal take : Immediately when i remove the mask from the pack, it was total bliss! I absolutely love the smell of this Berrisom Animal Mask (Dog)! It is a refreshing and uplifting scent – very fresh!

Effectiveness wise, this is possibly my favorite out of the 4 other animal masks i have tried so far, simply because it does what a basic sheet mask is supposed to do – moisturize. Whatever it is, Hyaluronic Acid works! In case you were wondering, this Berrisom Animal Mask (Dog) contains Hyaluronic Acid amongst other ingredients. Even after removing the mask, my skin remained hydrated and supple! Without a doubt, my skin totally appreciate and approve of Hyaluronic Acid to keep it hydrated and supple at any given time!

Will i recommend it? : Yes, totally hit all the right spot – hydrate and looking cute doing it! Ha!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (4x Berrisom Animal Mask Dog)


Thank you all for reading my little roaring blog!

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until next time, toodles! 🙂

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