Review: Berrisom Animal Mask – Cat

Meow! Berrisom Animal Mask (Cat), the looooooonnng overdue review on the 5th and last animal mask i’ve purchased some time back.

ICYMI: The 1st animal mask was the SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask (read here), 2nd was the Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep (read here), 3rd was the SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask (read here) and the 4th was the Berrisom Animal Mask – Dog (read here).

Without any more further ado, let’s go!

As usual, a little blurb from the brand:

Credit: Berrisom Korea website
Credit: Berrisom Korea website
Credit: Wishtrend website
Credit: Wishtrend website

The female model looks pretty sweet wearing the cat mask eh? That is more than i can say about me. Ha! Don’t believe me? Read on to find out.

(Honestly, little Sonny Angel Mouse didn't had to fear the cat because he doesn't look overly scary. Right?)
(Honestly, little Sonny Angel Mouse didn’t had to fear the cat because he doesn’t look overly scary. Right?)
(So you see? I don't look so good with this cat face! :P)
(So you see? I don’t do cat-eye wink that well. :P)

Roaring view for [Berrisom Animal Mask – Cat]:

Product’s packaging : Simple plastic mask pack with an animal face printed sheet mask. The sheet mask material is thin but adheres to skin nicely
Product’s texture : The mask is soaked with essence and does not feel sticky at all (Seriously!)
Product’s scent : Light, fresh – marine-ish fresh you know?
Price point : SGD$4 (Price is after a store discount)
Berrisom e-store, Wishtrend, Koreadepart, Roseroseshop, eBay
Try-out period : Once (20 mins)
Personal take : After having tried both SNP and Berrisom, i can safely proclaim that i prefer the ones by Berrisom. In terms of hydration, it wins by a notch. You can really, really feel the hydration on skin’s surface and sinking in after gently massaging it after the 20 mins.

The cat mask, enriched with Collagen, is excellent in keeping skin hydrated and supple. Of course, you wouldn’t experience any immediate ‘boing boing’ effect but that is fine. Let’s reserve that effect to the use of proper skin care products daily, morning and night, shall we?

Will i recommend it? : Yes. Get it! Get all the animal masks from Berrisom now!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (4x Berrisom Animal Mask Cat)


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