Review: Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep

Out of the 5 animal facial sheet masks i purchased a couple of weeks ago, I have only tried on the Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask (you can read it here) from SNP so far. I have been wanting to try out the rest but just couldn’t squeeze out the time and i was also travelling for a couple of days. And when i finally got back from my trip, a bad bout of the holiday zits happened and i stayed off the paper masks for a while until just a couple of nights ago, i decided to try the sheep version from Berrisom and i really liked it! Read on to find out why. 🙂

Credit: Berrisom Korea website
Credit: Berrisom Korea website
Credit: Wishtrend website
Credit: Wishtrend website

There are altogether 7 animals sheet masks available from Berrisom and you can view all of them on my NEW LAUNCH post here. Anyway, the local non-official store where i purchased the masks from only had a couple of animal masks available and only 3 were from Berrisom – Dog (Hyaluronic Acid), Cat (Collagen) and Sheep (Vitamin C + Arbutin).

Today, i will be sharing my opinion on the Sheep animal mask. Let’s take a look!

Berrisom Animal Sheet Mask - Sheep (Purchased
(The Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep)
(I gave the Berrisom Animal Mask - Sheep a try. Baa..baaaah...mehh~)
(I gave the Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep a try. Baa..baaaah…mehh~)
(Okay, at leasy Buddy isn”t too afraid of my ‘Sheep face’! Oops. :P)

Roaring view for [Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep]:

Product’s packaging : Simple plastic mask pack with an animal face printed sheet mask. The sheet mask material is thin but adheres to skin nicely
Product’s texture : The mask is soaked with essence and does not feel sticky at all
Product’s scent : Delicious citrusy scent
Price point : SGD$4 (Price is after a store discount)
Berrisom e-store,
Try-out period : Once (20 mins)
Personal take : The illustration of the sheep is really nice! Very, very nice! Especially the color and the drawing of the horns – very intricate! 🙂

The mask is enriched with Vitamin C and that may be the reason why it smells really citrusy! I really enjoyed the scent and the hydration the mask offered. Although the mask says it is for whitening, I did not notice any visible brightening after the 20 mins mark. However, the hydration it left the skin can be felt.

Similar to most of the facial sheet masks i have tried, the size of the Berrisom Animal Mask – Sheep is an ill fit too. The mask did not cover my forehead completely yet there is still excess at the chin area. I think my face is too large for these masks.  Haha!

Will i recommend it? : Yes! This is really good! It smells lovely, works beautifully and look…pretty!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (4x Berrisom Animal Mask Sheep)

Do stay tuned for i will review more of these lovely animal sheet mask soon-ish! 🙂


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