NEW LAUNCH: Tonymoly Man’s Manner Patch

Alright, here’s one for those men that never knew they needed one until they see this.

What is it? Let’s take a look!

Credit: Tonymoly Korea website
Credit: Tonymoly Korea website
In short, the Man’s Manner Patch works the same way as the nipple “pasties” that are worn by the ladies. Its primary role is to cover the nipple and areolae and is often worn to prevent accidental flashing or showing through a wearer’s top. I guess in the case of the men, we wouldn’t know we need it until getting pointed at (pun unintended!).

The manner patch is retailing at ₩3,500/pair (approx. SGD$4, USD3, €2,80, £2, ¥383; prices derived from direct conversion).

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