NEW LAUNCH: Tonymoly BCDation Cushion

When the world was going gaga over the latest CC technology, Tonymoly came out with another base foundation called “BCDation”. It is essentially a base product with the coverage of a BB cream, lightweight feel of a CC cream and the lastingness of a regular foundation. Naturally when the 1st BCDation SPF30 PA++ was launched, it was quite the hit item. Then, when the 2nd BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ was released a couple months later, it also received decent response from the public. With those success, the brand went on to create a more compact version of it in the form of the BCDation Water Pact with SPF50+ PA+++. With that many BCDation products, what else is missing from the picture? Yup, if you guessed a cushion product, you got it right. A BCDation cushion they released indeed, let’s take a look!

Credit: Tonymoly Korea website
Credit: Tonymoly Korea website

Looks pretty neat right?

The original BCDation has got coverage + moisture complex + lightweight texture + durability. Now take everything and fit it in a cushion and there we have it – BCDation Cushion!

The BCDation Cushion, available in 3 shades, is retailing at ₩19,800/15g (approx. SGD$24, USD$18, €16, £11, ¥2167; prices derived from direct conversion).

If you would like to have a look at the item, do visit the page here.

PS. As of the time i hit the ‘publish’ button , the website states that the item has already been sold out. SOLD OUT! The shortest two words horror story!

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