NEW LAUNCH: Holika Holika Milky Cow Hand Cream

Mooooooo…did you hear the new Milky Cow Hand Creams from Holika Holika calling? No? Well, that’s okay because i hand’t either. The moo is faux but the hand creams are very real, so let’s quickly take a look shall we?

Credit: Holika Holika Korea website
Credit: Holika Holika Korea website

So we see that the Blue one is the original milk scent, the Pink being the strawberry, yellow being the banana and the brown being the chocolate. Now, those are flavors of milk i would happily drink ๐Ÿ™‚

These lovely cow hand creams, available in 4 variants, isย retailing atย 6,900โ‚ฉ/38mlย (approx. SGD$8, USD$6, โ‚ฌ5, ยฃ4, ยฅ755; prices derived from direct conversion).

Should you be interested in herding the cattle home, do visit the product’s page here.

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