An interview with IKIGUIDE!

A couple of weeks ago, IKIGUIDE approached me asking if they could do a feature about me and my little beauty blog. As over the moon as i was at that moment, I said YES!

I mean, how could i say no to an online social portal that was established to inspire people from all over the world to not be afraid to take the first step to make a difference to their lives and to the people’s around them. So you see, accepting the opportunity to be featured on their website is something I am really honored to do so. 🙂

In the feature, I shared a little about myself, my beauty blog and the little things in life that gives me inspiration to do the things I love to do. This is also my first interview of any sorts and it’s really something I am happy to have been a part of! If you guys would like to read more about it, you may click on the article/link here “Interested in Men’s Grooming? Ask Ryan!”

I hope you guys enjoy the interview piece I did with IKIGUIDE and feel free to leave a comment/feedback after reading it!



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