Review: Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask (Sponsored Product)

I bet it’s because of all my ‘maskfie’ uploads (on my instagram), or it could be entirely something else, but either way I am happy to have been asked to review a sheet mask just before the new year.

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting the review proper today, so enjoy!

Here’s something from the brand:

Eluysf Cell Activa Phyto Mask (Info)
Credit: Elusyf 

According to the brand, Elusfy Cell Activa Phyto Mask is/has:

  • Reactivates dormant stem cells
  • Contains an abundant of skin-benefiting ingredients such as Plant Placenta (Soy), Yeast extract, Bird’s nest extract, Hyaluronic acid, Pearl powder and Arbutin
  • Claims to:
    • hydrate and moisturize the skin
    • firms the skin and rejuvenates cell
    • reduces inflammation
    • heals skin
    • reduce blemishes and acne scars
    • slows the ageing process
    • refines large pores and restoring skin radiance
    • increases epidermal thickness and elasticity
    • repairs and reduces fine line, wrinkles and facial ageing
  • Ingredients list: Deionized Water, Plant placenta extract, Yeast extract, Bird’s nest extract, Arbutin, Licorice, Ascorbic acid, Papain, Hyaluronic acid, Pearl powder, Xantham gum, Hydroxyethyl urea, Menthyl lactate, Fragrance


Wow, that is A LOT of claims and…words. Let’s see if it pans out.

Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask 00

Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask 01

Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask 02
(As the masks are sold in a box and not in singles, all the necessary descriptions are found on the back of the box and not on the back of the mask pack itself)
Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask 03
(The mask sheet itself is/feels a little thin)

But it wears nicely on my face and there is a flap on each side that you may use to cover over your eyelids should you wish to. I didn’t, because I wanted to take maskfie, so.

Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask 04

Roaring view for [Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask]:

Product’s packaging : Simple, white foil packaging
Product’s texture : Thin, cottony sheet
Product’s scent : Botanical fresh scent
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Elusyf Singapore; however, the mask is sold in a box of 5 at S$50
At this moment, if you are interested to purchase, do look for Carol (@CarolSmileey) on Instagram
Try-out period : Twice within a week
Personal take : I enjoy doing sheet masks, everyone of you probably already know that. Lucky for me, Carol from Elusyf DM-ed me on Instagram and asked if i was interested to test out their new sheet mask and of course I said yes right away!

So from what i understood from Carol, this Phyto sheet mask is made in Taiwan and the company has research labs and offices in LA. Upon further research and digging, it dawned on me that Elusyf is really a MLM-type of company — I thought i should let you guys know beforehand. Unlike most of the MLM companies products, at least this is an actual product which i CAN use and WILL use. Lucky for me really.

Okay, now to the actual review of the mask. The mask feels thin but heavy. Heavy as it is drenched in the serum that comes with it. It fits nicely on the face and has a cooling sensation to it. After 20 mins of wearing, I do see the usual signs of a good mask: well rested complexion, slightly plumper skin and hydrated feel.

Will i recommend it? : Undecided. It does what basic masks do, but the price is definitely higher. Plus, with that many claims to its product, I’d have higher hopes for its performance right from the first sheet. Mmm, maybe I just have a bigger appetite.

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (3x Elusyf Cell Activa Phyto Mask)

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