Review: Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet (Sponsored Product)

Every year, my friends and I would usually gather together to celebrate Christmas. And after a sumptuous dinner, we would then proceed with exchanging gift. For Christmas last year, I was gifted this box of Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet.

Admittedly, I have never heard of the brand Mermete before and if it were not for this gift exchange, I might never have discovered this wonderful mask!

Here’s something from the brand:

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet (info)
Credit: Mermete

According to the brand, Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet is/has:

  • Contains Boryeong Mud taken from Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Daecheon coastal beaches which is rich in minerals
  • Benefits: Pores control, Moisturizing, Removes dead skin, Skin strengthening
  • Other benefits include: Nourishing, Soothing, Firming and Brightening


Below is my experience with the Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet:

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 00

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 01

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 02

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 03

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 04

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 05
(This is the “muddy side” that is supposed to be touching the face when worn)

Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet 06

Roaring view for [Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet]:

Product’s packaging : Simple, sealed mask pack with a tear to open slit
Product’s texture : Unique combination of cottony sheet on one side, and a beigey-brown gel-ish on the other side
Product’s scent : Fresh
Price point : Received this as a Christmas present
However, this can be purchased from Robinsons The Heeren and BHG at S$25.90.
Try-out period : 5 times over a period of 3 weeks
Personal take : This type of mud sheet mask is not exactly a new item in the market. If you can recall, Tonymoly actually came up with their version of the mud mask called Earth Beauty Mud Mask Sheet, and the more recent one like TheFaceShop Jeju Volanic Lava Clay Face Mask. Essentially, with this innovation, one can achieve a deep pore cleansing effect without having to apply those traditional clay or mud mask. A simple piece of sheet mask with the mud extract embedded into it will easily allow the user to benefit from both kind of masks: the hydration of a sheet mask and the deep pore cleansing effect of a wash-off mud mask.

The mud mask from Mermete is very wet and feels really comfortable when worn. The texture of the mask was just nice. It was not thick, but enough to hold all the serum in it. Now, even though it is recommended to be worn for just 20 mins, I decided to wear it for a good 30 mins and even so, the mask did not feel dry nor uncomfortable. What I really enjoyed about this particular mask is how clean and moist and bright and happy my skin felt the immediate next day.

Will i recommend it? : Yes!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (4x Mermete Real Mud! Mask Sheet)

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