NEW LAUNCH: Skinfood x Eva Armisen collection

Skinfood has previously collaborated with Spanish artist, Eva Armisen, in a previous collection with illustrations that highlighted family love. This time round, Skinfood is again collaborating with Eva to inject some joy and waterful days for all to feel and enjoy.

Let’s take a look!

Before we take a look at the collab for 2016, let’s have a look at the one Eva Armisen did with Skinfood back in 2013:

Skinfood x Eva Armisen Season 1

Now, the 2016 collab:

Skinfood x Eva Armisen
Credit: Skinfood Korea website

As you can see, this collaboration currently focuses only on two products:

Skinfood x Eva Armisen - 0.9 Moist Cream
(The 0.9 Moist Cream Special Set with 4 different illustrations printed onto the cream’s cap) Credit: Skinfood Korea website
Skinfood x Eva Armisen - Pore Fit Pure Skin Cushion SPF50+ PA+++.jpg
(Also making a feature is the Pore Fit Pure Skin Cushion with 2 illustrations to choose from) Credit: Skinfood Korea website

Pretty right? Eva always bring it with her artwork.

Okay, and the prices for these products are:

  1. (Eva Armisen) 0.9 Moist Cream Set, 24,000₩/ 110ml+60ml  (approx. SGD$28, USD$21, €19, £15, ¥2,276; prices derived from direct conversion)
  2. (Eva Armisen) Pore Fit Pure Skin Cushion SPF50+ PA+++, 2 shades, 20,000₩/ 15g  (approx. SGD$24, USD$17, €15, £12, ¥1,897; prices derived from direct conversion)

Click the product name to its page on the website:



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