Review: iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening System (Sponsored Product)

A bright smile is the key to leaving a good impression. But have you noticed that some  of us smile without wanting to show our teeth?

Well, I chalk it up to two reasons:

  1. Our teeth are stained badly with years of either smoking, drinking coffee, or wine.
  2. We had just taken our meal and are not entirely sure if there are any veggies stuck in between the teeth. Better not risk it!

So you see, a bright smile, besides having healthy lips, the condition of your teeth is just as important. No one wants to see dry and flaky lips just like they do not want to see yellowish teeth nor smell that bad breath.

How do you keep your teeth healthy? How else do you whiten your teeth? How do you whiten your teeth without weakening the gum? These are just some of the common questions that were addressed during the iWhite instant teeth whitening media launch I had the privilege of attending in March earlier. I also had the opportunity to try out the three iWhite products for over a month and will be sharing my thoughts about them in today’s blog post.

Read on to find out all about it.

First, a little info visual from the brand:

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening (Info)
Credit: iWhite website
iWhite Instant2 (Info)
Credit: iWhite website
iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste
Credit: iWhite website
iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash
Credit: iWhite website

According to the brand, iWhite Instant Whitening Kit is/has:

  • 10 pre-filled, individually sealed, flexible dental trays
  • Each tray is filled with a whitening gel that features a “Triple whitening tech
    • Phthalimido–peroxy-caproic Acid (PAP)
      • Patented ingredient which dissolves the stains on the enamel gently and effectively
    • Calciofluorocomplex
      • Remineralize damaged enamel and strengthen the teeth structure, leading to a natural whitening effect
    • MOHA-Complex
      • Composed of small, snowwhite hydroxyapatite microcrystals which will restore and rebuild the enamel
  • Up to 8 shades whiter
  • 100% safe and Hydrogen Peroxide free


According to the brand, iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste is/has:

  • Rated number 1 as the most effective toothpaste in a March 2015 Norwegian consumer trial involving 8 toothpaste brands
  • Features the same Triple Whitening Tech for active teeth whitening, enamel repairing and restoring
  • Inhibits tooth discolouration and fights plaque and tartar
  • Contains Fluoride to strengthen teeth with every usage


According to the brand, iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash is/has:

  • Features the same Triple Whitening Tech for active teeth whitening, enamel repairing and restoring
  • Contains Blue covarine in the formula, thus giving an immediate visibly whiter teeth
  • Dissolves tooth discolouration, removes and prevents new plaque formation
  • Contains Fluoride to strengthen teeth with every usage


Below is my experience with the 3 iWhite instant whitening system:

iWhite Instant Whitening Kit (banner)

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 13

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 14

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 15.jpg

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 16.jpg

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 17.jpg

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 18.jpg

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 19

iWhite Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit 20.jpg
(This has been used so….)

iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste (banner)

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 01.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 02.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 03.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 04.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 05.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 06.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 07.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 08.jpg

iWhite Whitening Toothpaste 09.jpg

iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash (banner).jpg

iWhite Whitening Mouthwash 10

iWhite Whitening Mouthwash 11.jpg

iWhite Whitening Mouthwash 12.jpg

iWhite Whitening Mouthwash 13.jpg

And here’s a bonus pic of me wearing one of the iWhite Instant Whitening Kit while donning a hydrating sheet mask! Simple pleasure in life.

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening (try)

Roaring view for [iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening System]:

Product’s packaging : iWhite Instant Whitening Kit: individually sealed with foil wrapping

iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste: standard tube with a purple swivel open cap

iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash: tall, cylindrical container with a purple swivel open cap

Product’s scent : Except for the Instant Whitening Kit, both the toothpaste and mouthwash has a distinctive taste and smell that reminded me of the old school sweet – Hacks.
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at iWhite (Singapore); however, the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit is sold at S$49.90, the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Toothpaste is sold at S$9.90, and the iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash is sold at S10.00
To purchase iWhite Instant Whitening products, do visit any of the Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy stores
Try-out period : iWhite Instant Whitening Kit: Daily for 5 days, 20mins ea

iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste & Mouthwash: Daily for over a month

Personal take : Immediately after I received these iWhite Instant Whitening products, I was extremely excited to put them to the test! That same night after the event ended, I already started brushing my teeth with the iWhite toothpaste and then gargling my mouth with the blue mouthwash. The blue mouthwash really amazes me and is my personal favorite! It always make my teeth look so much brighter after gargling for about 30 seconds or so. Before use, you have to shake it vigorously to “activate” the triple action but it is worth it! The mouthwash is something I looked forward to using every single day. As for the toothpaste, I am glad to report that it does not have that overwhelming “fresh burst of minty coolness” like in the many commercial toothpastes out there in the market. Unfortunately, I did not quite observe any significant teeth whitening from using the toothpaste but I think it does a good job strengthening the teeth in the sense that I do experience much soreness or achiness from chewing on food or sipping icy cold beverages.

Now let’s talk about the most exciting product, the main highlight of the trio, the Instant Whitening Kit. We were told that customers may use it consecutively for 5 days for 20 mins each time for an intensive whitening treatment. We were also assured that this will not irritate or cause sensitivity to already weakened teeth because the formula is safe and completely free of Hydrogen peroxide. That is quite a relief to know because using product with too much Hydrogen peroxide (in high concentration) will cause damage to the enamel of our tooth.

I believe all of you are curious to know about the whitening effect of this whitening kit, so let me share a little bit more now. To be honest, it did not whiten my teeth to “8 shades whiter” like it claims to on the box. I would say that… whitens mine to about one, to one and a half shade lighter. Frankly speaking, I am both surprised and not surprised at it. Surprised because there is visible whitening result. Not surprised because after years and years of drinking coffee (I do not smoke at all, or drink any red wine) it is almost impossible to achieve an all-white teeth condition without committing thousands of dollars at the dental office. But since I got some visible result (no doubt it is just one shade lighter) I do believe that I can get better results in about two more intensive treatments later. Better yet since teeth will only get stronger after every usage.

Will i recommend it? : Yes, especially the blue mouthwash!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (4x iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening).jpg

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