Review: Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask (Sponsored Product)

Hello hello! How is everyone doing? I hope you guys have been awesome possum! Before we go on to today’s product review, please allow me to apologize for the lack of blog updates. I haven’t been feeling the most “creative”, “inspired” and “motivated” these past few weeks due to some personal issues  (family, school and job-wise) and if you can believe, I was only on my laptop perhaps just once or twice a week to check some large files which my iPhone cannot process. So please accept my apologies for the extreme lack of updates on the little roaring blog. But hey, I am back now and let’s get right into it — the review proper of the very green, very natural, Clarifying Facial Clay Mask from Balm Kitchen!

Balm Kitchen Press Kit
(This is the press kit I received from the Balm Kitchen!)

As Balm Kitchen is a very new brand, I have included their background story and about the founder.

First, their brand story:

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask (Brand Story)
Credit: Balm Kitchen website
Next, more about its founder

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask (About Our Founder)
Credit: Balm Kitchen website

Okay, now that the wordy part is out of the way, let’s go into part where I tease you with pictures and info about the clay mask:

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask (Product info)
Credit: Balm Kitchen website
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask (Store images)
Credit: Balm Kitchen website
According to the brand, Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask is/has:

  • Contains natural Rhassoul clay (excellent and effective cleanser to remove dirt, excess sebum and even bacteria)
  • Contains Burdock and Pineapple extract that works together to encourage regeneration of the skin and even out skin tone
  • More about the two key ingredients:
    • Burdock extract – Great for problematic skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Reduces inflammation and encourages skin regeneration.
    • Pineapple extract – Bromelain enzymes present in pineapples are great exfoliants as they effectively remove dead skin cells, encourage renewal of skin and help to even skin tone.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for oily/combination and acne-prone skin types

 “The main difference between a dry clay mask and an activated one is that dry clay masks usually have higher concentration of active ingredients. Hence you’ll commonly find dry clay masks in #greenbeauty skin care products.

My lip balms are on the waxy/oily spectrum which can help to maintain a barrier over the lips to prevent them from drying out.” – Teresa, founder of Balm Kitchen

Below is my experience with the Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask:

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 01.jpg

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 02.jpg

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 03.jpg
(Made in small batches to ensure freshness and cut the need of adding unnecessary preservatives)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 04.jpg

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 05.jpg
(As instructed, two spoonful of the powdered clay mask mixed with the same two spoonful of water)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 06.jpg

Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 07.jpg
(THIS BRUSH!! THIS BRUSH!! This is such a soft and dense brush…i cannot! This brush double up as a nice foundation brush too. Well, masking is self-pampering so I am going to use this soft brush to mix the paste together evenly)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 08
(After mixing the mask and water together evenly, leave the paste to stand for 5 mins to activate the clay mask)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 09
(For review/swatching purpose, I am going to demo the mask on the back of my hand. Picture is of the mask paste freshly applied; still wet. It is perfectly normal to see those itty gritty bits)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 10
(This is after the recommended leave on time of 10 mins)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask 11
(And this is when the mask have been washed off. I do not know if you can tell, but the skin is super clean and soft thereafter)
Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask (Worn).jpg

Roaring view for [Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask]:

Product’s packaging : Packed into a flat, brown craft bag with a zip-lock sealing mechanism
Product’s texture : Powdery when dry/fresh in bag. Runny and gritty when mixed with water in 2:2 ratio
Product’s scent : Muddy, grassy
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Balm Kitchen; however, the Clarifying Facial Clay Mask is retails for S$23/50g. There is also a Trial Pack retailing for S$4/5g if you would like to try it before committing to the original size
To purchase or to find out more about Balm Kitchen range of products, do visit their e-store here
Try-out period : Twice a week over a period of 5 weeks
Personal take : I like it!

I like that it comes in a powder form which preserves its freshness. I like that it comes in a powder form of which you are required to mix and blend. I like that the whole process is, to me,  a little therapeutic. I like that a wooden spoon and a cellulose sponge is provided together with the original sized pack. What else do I like about it…hmmm.

This Clarifying Facial Clay Mask certainly lives up to its name — it does clarifies the skin, the pores, the complexion. To me, there is something magical whenever a clay/mud is supercharged with some form of chemical exfoliant which in this case is the pineapple Bromelain enzymes. By now, everyone ought to know that clay/mud, as an ingredient, is beneficial for people with congested pores, acne-prone skin, wears makeup daily or over prolonged duration, dull or lacklustre complexion. And the Rhassoul clay in this mask also performed as such. While this mask offers great clarifying effect from the use of clay, the Bromelain enzymes did not do much for me in terms of brightening. That is also why I like to follow up with a hydrating AND whitening sheet mask after rinsing the clay mask away. It works better for me that way I find, and I always wake up to brighter complexion the morning after! Red spots are slightly less red and existing pimples, with use of pimple cream, heal up much faster too.

All in all, this Clarifying Facial Clay Mask does what it claims; it clarifies, is good for combination/oily and acne-prone skin, with spots less red likely thanks to the Burdock extract and the overall gentleness of the mask. Another pro point of this mask is that your skin will not feel dry at all after rinsing it off. Same for the next morning too. That, to me, is rather important. You want the deep cleansing effect of a clay/mud mask but not wanting your makeup to crack over the already drier cheeks area. Am I right?

Will i recommend it? : Yes!

To this, Buddy says:

WAIT! There is a bonus waiting below!

Remember that lip balm you saw in the picture of the press kit at the beginning of the post?

Here are some pictures of the one I received and am using:

Balm Kitchen Earl Grey Lip Balm 01

Balm Kitchen Earl Grey Lip Balm 02.jpg

Balm Kitchen Earl Grey Lip Balm 03.jpg

Most lip balm sticks out there in the market are cylindrical in form but the ones from Balm Kitchen are oval. Still in a swivel-up tube like regular lip balm stick, but oval in shape.

Now, what do I think about this lip balm?

Well, it does keep my lip hydrated but I am not too crazy with the Earl Grey scent. I hear they have Pink Grapefruit and Green Tea in the mix so I will probably get those instead. Oh, the texture of the balm on the lip is a little… between waxy and oily. It forms a layer on the lip and just keeps it moist and supple so I can accept that texture.


To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (5x Balm Kitchen Clarifying Facial Clay Mask).jpg

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