An interview with Klarity!

Hello hello!

Similar to the interview piece with Clozette which was published but not shared on my blog, here is another recent feature interview I had the honor of doing with Singapore’s very own beauty brand, Klarity!

Now, Klarity is a relatively new beauty brand that was officially launched a couple of years ago and they have been constantly developing new and interesting products to the market. So much so that some products have won in beauty awards, like the Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion winning the Best CC Cream in CLEO Clear Skin Awards 2015, and the Lasertox™ V-Line Shape Up winning the Best Face Shaping Mask in Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2015. Yay!

Therefore, when they approached me asking if I would like to be the subject of their feature interview, of course I had to! In the interview, I disclosed the details of the night I met my boy. No, bae. No, boy. Well….it’s Buddy actually. Ha! And then I also shared a little on how I began my blogging journey, my (very brief) view on animal testing, why I decided to use the “style” of photography in my pictures, and of course, my favorite Klarity product.

To have a read on the full article, head on over to ‘The secondary school kid who has passion in beauty has outgrown into the Beauty Guru, Ryanraroar!

I hope you guys will enjoy reading it!



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