An interview with Clozette!

Hello everyone!

First off, ple\\ase let me apologize for the recent lack of blog posting (+ review proper). This is because I have recently took on a role in a company and the projects assigned to me were piling up and most were given very tight deadline to meet. Please, please accept my sincere apologies. However, I am still very actively posting product features daily over on my instagram account (@Ryanraroar) if you’d like to see or hear more from me. 🙂

Anyhoooooo, I was checking back the posts and realized I have yet to post the one feature interview I did with Clozette Co. when I got accepted into the big Clozette family as one of their Clozette Ambassador.

One of the first few things Clozette did when I became an ambassador was to include me in a Clozette Insider interview on my view as a male beauty blogger on beauty related issues. I started with sharing my take on the difference male and female skin care routine, how a women can include a male skin care tip into their routine, and my personal favourite: secrets to maintaining such a clear complexion *chuckles*, and more.

To have a read on the full article, head on over to ‘Male Skincare Tips Women Can Do Too

I hope you guys will enjoy reading it!



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