My review on FaceTox face mask on Clozette 

Hello folks!

How are you guys doing? I’ve missed you guys so much, and misses writing little review propers on here as well. One of my 2017 resolution is to really get stabilized in my new work place, iron out all the major kinks and back-to-back projects as quickly as I can, so that I can get back to writing what I love best: product reviews!

Anyway, Clozette (an online beauty & lifestyle community I am an ambassador of) recently sent me the U.K face mask, FACETOX, which took the scene by storm when it was launched, to have me try it out and review it. Which I did, and the review proper is finally live on their site. Click on the picture below to go directly to the review proper’s page on Clozette now!

Hope you guys will enjoy reading this piece I wrote for Clozette! Please leave me a comment too, or if you have a question or anything for me. 🙂

Thanks for reading, cheers everyone!

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