Review: 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil (Sponsored Product)

Ever wondered if a facial oil can indeed help your complexion, your skin? What if you have an oily or combination skin type? Would it help too? I have never been a true fan of facial oil because, let’s be honest, choosing a facial oil can be rather taxing. Taxing because you have to choose the right kind of oil, the kind of oil that will be easily absorbed by your skin type and does not leave the greasy residue behind. You have to also consider the reason why you are including a facial oil at all. Is it because your skin is feeling a little tight lately? Or is it because your friend was raving about a particular facial oil and you want to have one too?

As for me, I decided to include a facial oil because of the harsh chemical peels I was doing. My skin was feeling so sore and parched and no other hydrating masks or intensive hydrating creams seems to help. Just as I was looking around to see which facial oil I should be getting, I was introduced to the Premium Facial Oil by the lovely folks at 3RIFIC.

After using the Premium Facial Oil for several weeks (and then some) now, I am ready to share my opinions and review with you guys!

Read on to find out all about it.

First, here’s something about the brand:

Credit: 3RIFIC website
3RIFIC - About Us 1.jpg
Credit: 3RIFIC website

Its Mission and Name:

Credit: 3RIFIC website

And here are the official claims of the product I am testing:



Credit: 3RIFIC website

Its key ingredients and benefits:

Credit: 3RIFIC website

The results:

Credit: 3RIFIC website


Now, onto my experience and review proper we go!



(Housed in a heavy, frost glass bottle)


(Dispense using the dropper system — hygienic and precise amount every time)


(Two drops is normally how much I use each time)
(Once you spread, massage and envelope it with the warmth from your palm, the dry oil just gets absorbed and leaves a moist film. Nothing oily nor sticky.) 

Roaring view for [3RIFIC Premium Face Oil]:

Product’s packaging : Frosted glass bottle with a dropper dispenser
Product’s texture : Quick absorbing dry oil
Product’s scent : Light and delicate, pleasant to the nose
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at 3RIFIC; however, the 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil retails for $91/30ml
To find out more about this product, or to purchase it, vsit the product’s page here.
Try-out period : 1st week: Twice a day (2 drops blended with moisturizer

2nd to 5th week: Once a day, at night (1 drop blended with moisturizer)

Personal take : When I first received the product, I was pretty impressed with its minimalist packaging and design. The bottle itself is made of glass and feels really good in my hands. Unlike plasticky bottles, this frosted glass bottle exudes class and prestige. Furthermore, the bottle comes with a dropper dispensing system which makes usage hygienic and precised.

In the first week of my usage, it happens to be when my skin was feeling its worst. My face was tender to the touch, it felt sore and a tad painful when I frown or make funny faces. Naturally, I was a little hesitant to add on yet another product because when I am applying my night cream, the surface of my skin was literally screaming in pain! Then I remembered. I remembered I could mix a couple drops into my night cream before applying. I also rubbed my palms together and then cupping my face with both hands to allow the warmth to promote better absorption and relaxation. The warmth does work wonders. I always felt more relaxed and as though everything on my skin is just slowly getting slurped up deep into the core.

I did this everything single night and by the fourth night, I barely felt the searing pain from applying the night cream anymore! I was confident that my weakened skin was feeling so much better and more or less recovered from the aftermath of the peel. Pretty impressive if I may say so myself.

I have a feeling that the combination of antioxidant-rich and super reparative properties of the botanical oils (Lupine seed, Baobab, Argan, Jojoba, and more) really contributed to the quick healing and calming of my skin. In addition, the Vitamin E and Vitamin C definitely helped in restoring my skin to its original condition. My skin was not feeling dry, or painful, peeling nor red. And all that was just in the first week of using!

As my skin started to heal and normalize, I decided to reduce the usage and only apply it at night before bed. My goal then was to just maintain the healthy environment for the skin to further heal itself on its own. This Premium Face Oil from 3RIFIC was definitely a big help in repairing my weakened skin. It also boosted the hydration level making it more supple and directed it towards self-healing.

Tip: From time to time, I like to coat a little bit of the oil over the lip balm at night before sleeping. I like to let the oil seal in all the nourishment from the lip balm all through the night! I also added 2 drops of it into my hand cream and then rubbing it in before I sleep. You can expect to wake up to softer and smoother hands! Love it!

Will i recommend it? : Yes, but like me, you HAVE TO determine how much you should be using in order to benefit the skin. The standard recommended amount is 3 to 5 drops,  but I find that 2 to 3 drops work so much better for my combination skin type.


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