Experience: Light Years Ahead Signature Treatment @ Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic (Sponsored Post)

Hello everyone, it’s me again!

Today, I want to talk about something a little different. Different in the sense that this is technically not a product review, because there is no actual product for me to test and review. Yet, there is a review portion as I will be sharing a little bit more about what went on behind and on my skin that one day back in January.

(Psst…I know, I know. This post comes 1 month too late and I am terribly sorry! Work projects are mounting and I have to prioritize. I hope to have a more balanced work life once I get more settled into my job)

Alright, since this is an “experience” post, the post format will be a little different as well so I hope you guys will enjoy it nonetheless!

Here’s something more about the aesthetic clinic and its very youthful and friendly doctor:

Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic

 Aesthéa, pronounced es-thay-a, is a singular embodiment of beauty & aesthetics.

Termed as the new beauty lighthouse, Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic is one of the newest aesthetic clinic in town. Located conveniently in South Beach Avenue, the prime location of the clinic now sees a gradual increase in office executive-type of customers popping in for a quick beauty pick-me-up during their lunch break. If I worked in the vicinity, I would also come by during my lunch break for a quickie.

(Not saying this is one of the quickie lunch treatment, but one of the many treatments available here at this clinic) Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic

However, it is not only the office crowds that are reaping the benefits of having an aesthetic clinic close by. Regular customers like you and I are also making appointments to be seen and consulted by Dr. Chris Looi, the awesome-handsome medical director-cum-co founder.

The Doctor

There he is, the man of the hour – Dr. Christopher Looi!

(Medical Director, Dr. Christopher Looi) Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Yes, yes, his fingers are at the trigger but not to worry, he is absolutely not trigger-happy. I promise. Afterall, he did (if I did not remember wrongly, oops!) used that machine on my face too for my treatment.

The Clinic

Regardless of how good the doctor is, or the treatments are, the clinic itself plays just as an important role as the other factors does. Why? Well, from the minute you lay eyes on the facade of the clinic to entering it, you should feel…at ease. To me, going to a clinic especially for something like aesthetic treatments which are likely going to turn into a series of treatments over a period of time, I prefer to spend my time in a place that I can feel at ease, at home, and not one with 4 walls and a white, solemn and clinical setting. You guys get what I mean right? Cool! Because I would like to show you guys how the interior of the clinic look like.

(Look at its facade, pretty inviting right? Also, the cascading plants feature is the winning factor for me)
(The reception area for making payments and/or booking of follow-up appointments) Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic
(This is the lobby/waiting area. I like the deco very much! And I believe some of these furnitures may find themselves in my living room in the far, faraway future!)
(Once you seated comfortably, you’ll be served a cup of home-made – wait, no I mean clinic-made – lemongrass tea. I don’t know if it was the weather that was too warm that afternoon, or that this iced lemongrass tea was too refreshing, I actually drank like 3 cups of it! And if the good doctor and PR team hadn’t shown up right then, I would’ve continued a 5th or 6th cup already. Mmm…I should go learn to make some lemongrass tea come to think of it.)

   After the refreshing welcoming beverage, the clinic nurse will come to you and have you complete the standard questionnaire for registration use. This is done using the tablet so you would not be needing to write anything, just tap tap tap and save!

When that is done, you will be ushered into the consultation room when Dr. Chris is ready to see you. In the room, he will ask a round of doctor-y questions before moving on to addressing your skin woes and concerns.

I remembered when it was my turn to be seen, Dr. Chris was really listening attentively to everything that I was yapping away and picking up on issues that really bothered me at the same time.Which means, this doctor can multitask. Not bad. Multitask, but never using his phone when he is zapping my face. I can personally vouch for that (haha!).

The Treatment Room

(One of the spanking clean and tidy treatment room) Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Soon after I was consulted and settled on the kind of treatments I would like to receive, I was invited to one of their 3 treatment rooms to get myself ready for the treatments ahead.

The Treatment: Light Years Ahead Signature Treatment (customized)

I was recommended the clinic’s Light Years Ahead signature treatment after assessing my suitability from the consultation. The Light Years Ahead signature treatment is a three pronged approach to achieve a brighter, clearer, lifted, and gorgeous radiance. It is also said that from just one session, you can expect results in mere days.

But what is the Light Years Ahead signature treatment? What does it comprise of? Let’s take a look shall we?

Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic website
Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic website
Credit: Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic website

Now that you have a better insight as to what goes on in the Light Years Ahead (LYA) signature treatment, I would like to share with you guys my experience on the entire session.


From the moment I stepped into the clinic to the moment I lied on the treatment chair, everything was very organized and gradual. At no point did I felt uncomfortable with the questions, with the service, with the atmosphere, with the professional opinion and advice given, nor the refreshing iced lemongrass tea (woooo, that was yummy!).

The treatment itself….well, let me talk about it in more details.

  • First step: Casmara peel. I generally enjoy getting a professional grade chemical peel because it is often the fastest way to achieve a radiant glow in the shortest amount of time — depending on what type of chemical peel  used, and what results you want to achieve from the peel. I like that by the third or fourth day, leftover acne marks are more subtle and less glaring. Most chemical peels will tingle a little when it is first applied on the skin, but the Casmara Peel used in this LYA treatment is a lot gentler I feel. Sceptical about its result, Dr. Chris went on to assure me that it can perform just as well as those standard Glycolic acid peel. True enough, after 2 weeks from the treatment, I was happy with the glow and the smooth texture of my skin. This Casmara Peel does not hurt nor irritate as much as a Glycolic acid peel does so this peel is definitely something I will go back to doing.
  • Second step: Spectra XT Laser ToningSpectra BBL PhotoFacial. As my skin was having a few pimples that were on the verge of erupting, Dr. Chris kindly and very patiently helped to ‘de-roof’ some during the treatment session. He acted very swift and accurately so the pain was absolutely bearable. There were pus but very minimal blood — sign of a good extraction. Once all the little volcanoes have been dabbed dry, Dr. Chris started zapping it with the laser to kill the germs, arrest the inflammations, and to promote collagen production and regeneration. He continued zapping not just on the pimples that he had done the extractions on, he also zapped those minor red spots that were all over my face to help speed up its recovery. When the laser zapping is done, he applied a generous layer of numbing cream on me because I……hehe…repeatedly stressed him that I am pretty intolerable to the sensation an IPL gives off during the consultation. Hence, he was nice enough to apply the numbing cream on my face for about 30 mins before he moved on to the BBL (Broad band light) PhotoFacial to further “kick-start lethargic collagen-producing cells”. The sensation given off during the BBL was very similar to the IPL, seeing they are both using light energy to heat up the skin surface. However, thanks to the numbing cream that was applied prior, I can lie there peacefully WITHOUT wriggling underneath the blanket, phew!
  • Third and last step: HIFU. The HIFU is short for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a treatment popularized by its apparent gradual result in achieving the highly sought after V-shaped face. Imagine a treatment that can allow you to achieve a lifted complexion, slimmer contour, and tighter looking skin. That, my friends, is the allure of the HIFU treatment. In theory, this treatment is mainly used to “stimulate the repair and regeneration of new collagen fibers for several weeks, giving you the ultimate lift”. And I know this work because my friends and colleagues were all commenting on how different my face appeared to them. Some said I must have lost weight (yes, i did lost some but), while others said I must have done some nip and tuck. Now, before you hurried down to Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic to book a HIFU appointment, do note that some discomfort is to be expected. Like, you better expect it man! Seriously. I was told that I was given a pretty low setting, something like 0.7? I could still feel the odd sensation and discomfort (read: not pain) on top of the numbing cream. This discomfort intensifies when it is performed on top of the skeletal bones or areas with thinner skin like the under eye area. While the benefits from doing the HIFU treatment outweighs the discomfort, I still recommend you to check with Dr. Chris on the suitability of you applying the numbing cream if you know that you have a pretty low pain tolerance.

Coming to almost a month now since the Light Years Ahead treatment, my chin appears sharper and my jawline? Well, though not sharp enough to slice an apple, it is enough for me to look sleek in photographs. Don’t you think?

PS. Besides the Light Years Ahead signature treatment, the full-fledged aesthetic clinic also offers a wide range of treatments and services such as acne treatment, dermal fillers, treatment of pigmentations, tattoo removal, botox, hydrafacial etc.

Cost of treatment
Light Years Ahead signature treatment was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Aesthéa Medical Aesthetic Clinic; however, the Light Years Ahead signature treatment costs $400/session (excluding all other miscellaneous fees)
For More Information
To find out more about the clinic, or the services offered, do visit http://aesthea.com.sg/  or their social media accounts on Facebook and/or Instagram

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