Unboxing: Lazada x Beautiful Me Well-Being Box (For Him) – Great Singapore Sales 2017 Special (Sponsored Product)

Oh gosh, it has been 2 months since I unboxed my very first ‘Surprise Box’ from Lazada.

If you’d remembered, it was a Nivea Men themed box and I was pleasantly surprised with the content that was in it. I mean, everything in it was what I have been using and was using too. Should you want to have a read on that unboxing post again, you can click here.

Today, I want to talk about the second Surprise Box I have received from Lazada (thank you!) that is in conjunction and coincide with one of the biggest sale season: Great Singapore Sale 2017; woohoo!


Again, similar to the Nivea Men Surprise Box, you will get to purchase the box with content valued over $100, at a special price of $29 nett during the flash sale period.         It is really a steal!

The Beautiful Me Well-Being Box (For Him) is a special themed box curated by Lazada for the Lazada GSS Sale which will be on from the Tue 06- Thu 08 June.

Aside from these lovely and specially curated surprise boxes from various brands, you can also look forward to massive, massive deep discounts up to 90%, Flash deals every 2 hours, and exclusive vouchers if you meet the accompanying conditions.

Credit: Lazada website
Credit: Lazada website


I saw several participating brands that I am super interested in giving discounts and deals.

Deals & discounts like:

  1. Laneige: up to 50% savings
  2. Mamonde: save up to 39%
  3. Johnson & Johnson: up to 48% off
  4. Dove: up to 15% off storewide
  5. Blackmores: up to 30% off storewide

Me think it is time to stock up on your essentials during this Lazada GSS Sale period! I am definitely hawking Laneige and Mamonde. What about you guys?

Okay, okay. I know, I am SO long winded. Okay, without any further ado, here is the unboxing portion of my Lazada x Beautiful Me Well-Being Box (For Him) box

In this surprise box, there are altogether xxx products that are curated according to the theme: Well-being for Men. I will only be revealing a few items because, well, you will have to purchase the Well-Being Box (For Him) if you want to find out!

First item: Neutrogena® Rainbath® Refreshing Shower & Bath Gel


What It Is (as told by the brand):

Neutrogena Rainbath® Shower and Bath Gel cleans, softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue. Your skin is left in better condition – feeling softer, smoother and renewed.

The fragrant blend of spices, fruits and herbs provides a clean burst that awakens your senses and refreshes your entire body.

I say:

 LOVE IT! I am not unfamiliar with the brand nor this particular product because I have used it before during my school years. I like that it really smells….different, yet somehow it just works. It relaxes your mind and soul and is especially good after a long, stressful day at school (for me, back then).

I have not been using it since I started working because I was exposed to several other more appealing products and I just never thought of going back. So when I opened the surprise box to this item, I was rather happy. Memories, those are what is important.

Second item: Umbro® Action 3in1 Showergel-Shampoo & Conditioner


What It Is (as told by the brand):

Umbro Action 3-in-1 is an effective shampoo + conditioner + body wash with a delicate, fresh aroma for active men. Ideal for everyday use.

I say:

 Mmmm….it smells good, exactly like what you’d expect a men’s shower gel from the sports category would be like.

I think as a 3-in-1 product, it’d (only) be good to use right after outdoor activities, gym or workout. You’d smell fresh and ready for your next appointment without the fuss of bringing 3 separate products with you. I will leave this in the gym bag…..if you don’t mind the 400ml bottle that is. *chuckles*

Third item: Blackmores® Men’s Performance Multi 


What It Is (as told by the brand):
Blackmores Men’s Performance Multi is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement, with 21 ingredients, specifically formulated to help support energy levels for men’s active and demanding lifestyles, to help men perform at their peak, both mentally and physically, everyday.
I say:

 I do take vitamin supplements on the daily basis. Multivitamins? Yes, just not from Blackmores. I am using the ones from a different brand simply out of habit so receiving this bottle of men’s multivitamin is a good thing for me.

I CANNOT speak for its function because I have never taken this particular product before but as Australia’s leading natural health company and that its products are registered with authority, I suppose I can give it a try. Again, as always with health supplements and such, do your research to see if you need it and if the ingredients agree with you.

There you have it, all 3 products that can be found in the special

Lazada x Beautiful Me Well-Being Box – For Him.

I personally enjoy these special ‘Surprise Box’ from Lazada because of the element of surprise. You really will not know what you will be receiving. You will just know that the total value of the content is definitely more than what you are paying for.

Wait! Before you go adding things into your shopping cart, here is a special discount code for you to enjoy a further 18% off your purchase: GSSRYAN18. Now, this discount code is only applicable for new customers and is capped at $8 with no minimum spend required. The validity of the voucher is only from the 6th to 8th June storewide on Lazada, including the Surprise Boxes (<< Seize the chance to get a surprise box!)

Okie dokie, go forth and enjoy the Great Singapore Sale with Lazada Singapore!~

Bonus (small)

If you guys purchased any of the surprise box, I highly encourage you guys to do an unboxing video and post it on your social media with the hashtag #LazadaSurprises.

Winners will be chosen and prizes are guaranteed to be attractive! Woots woots^^

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