Review: Kohepets Singapore Mobile Shopping Experience (Sponsored Post)

Hello everyone! I am back today with a completely different review content, specially dedicated to the busy daddies and mummies to their beloved furry little ones.

Like me, I am a proud daddy to a stray tabby cat named Buddy.

Buddy adopted me about a year ago when he simply decided to do a very dramatic catwalk slowly, slowly, slowly towards me one night while I was minding my own business, seated at the pavement and  looking at my phone.

From afar, the silhouette of Buddy reminded me of a small dog and I remember thinking to myself, hey, how is it that a small dog is left unattended and just roaming around the neighbourhood? And how is it that it is strolling along the pavement SO calmly and not making any sort of noise. Very peculiar, I thought to myself. So as the silhouette moved closer, out of the shadow, I could finally make out the features and realized then that it was really just a fat large cat. His distinctive stripes were like those of a tiger.

“Woah, this kitty has got swag and look…..majestic!”

I thought to myself.

“Mmm….is it me, or is he walking really, really slowly?”

I asked myself in my head.

But before I can answer the question, Buddy looked dead in my eyes and I just could not looked away. Moments later, Buddy came up right beside me and just ploughed itself on the floor, millimeters away from me, resting quietly.

“Well, I guess I have a guard dog cat now.”

I said to myself.

Is this how you get a cat? Mmmm…because I think I own a cat now. I did not choose the cat, the cat chose me.

Back to the story: So after several more minutes gone by and Buddy (though currently unnamed) was still resting by my side, but watching intently at me.

“Well, okay, er…I will call you Buddy. Is that okay, Buddy?

I said aloud as I looked down at the stray’s big, round eyes.

“Meow. Meow..”

Came the reply.

“Okay Buddy, this is the test. If you can understand me, I am going home now. So…I will see you tomorrow ok?”


Without thinking much, I stood up and walked towards the stairs to get to the 3rd floor where I lived.

Lo and behold, guess who decided to tag along, following me all the way from the lobby and to my doorstep?

I opened the door to the house and in dashed Buddy. I watched him sniffed the air, explored the living room, before claiming the couch as his rightful throne.

Again, is this how you get a cat? Because I think I own a cat now.

SO. This is the story of how Buddy came into my life. Though he is a lazy and chill cat, he loves nagging at me when he wants to eat. I mean, who doesn’t? I nag at myself when I am hungry too.

However, Buddy can be very picky when it comes to his food. I have tried an assortment of food – wet and dry, brand A to brand D, to no avail. Once he have decided that he does not want the food nor give it a chance, off they go to the guy who feeds the stray in my estate. So I have tried several brands and the one that Buddy enjoys and will consume is the one from Royal Canin.

Now, all furry daddies and mummies would know that sometimes, due to busy work schedules, we may forget to pop by the pet store to replenish the pet food (sorry Buddy!) on the day that we have already hit the bottom of the bag. It happens.

I mean, we could have purchased them by bags, but carrying them home is always a chore! But on those days we really wished we had done so.

Well today, I am happy to present a solution: Pet food shopping at your fingertips!


Before we go on, yes, I do realize that online pet food shopping is not something new. I just never had the need to actually utilize the service until recently. So when Kohepets approached me asking if I would like to treat Buddy, I was like, why did I not thought of it sooner?

Since I want to recommend this to all busy working pet daddies and mummies, I am going to be writing and reviewing the service from the perspective of a mobile user. From creating an account, navigating the page, to confirming and arranging the delivery of the purchase, I will be sharing it step-by-step below as presented in screen grabs from my iPhone.

Step 1: Creating an account

On your url address bar, let’s go to The image below shows the homepage of the site.


To create an account, let’s click on the button that says “Log In” located on the top right hand corner of the screen. You will then be directed to a “Sign In” page, as shown in the picture below.

Proceed to click on the dark grey button that says “Create an account


When you are at the next page (picture below), you can fill in the fields marked with a red asterisk (*). If you would like to receive newsletter from Kohe Pets, make sure you check the box beside the Sign up for newsletter text.2

Upon successful creation of your account, you will then be directed to page that says My Dashboard (pictured).


The dashboard is where you can edit/view your account (purchase) activity and contact, if you are subscribed to their newsletter, billing address, and delivery address



Step 2: Shopping!

Once you are done with the necessary in your account dashboard, it is time to do some shopping!

From here, simply search for anything you want using related terms in the search bar (pictured).

(Predictive text when I typed in the word “cat”)
(Or when I typed in “Cat food”)
(When you collapse the QWERTY keyboard, aside from the suggested search results i.e. solid gold cat food, you should be seeing some images with texts as well i.e. Catit Double Bowl – Medium)
You can also filter/sort the results by using search parameters like: Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low, Relevance, Name, Price, New, Biggest Saving, Best Sellers, Most Viewed, Top Rated, Reviews Count (pictured).

You can also limit it to display just 24, 48 or 72 items per page too. Convenient!


But since I already know what I want,  I mean, what Buddy only wants. I am going to type “Royal Canin” directly into the search bar to see if I recognize any item — for the sake of show telling, I will be pretending that I know the brand but not the variant.

Okay, let’s type royal canin into the search bar and see what comes up in the discovery..

(displaying only 4 items out of the total 27 items listed. But you get the gist.) 
I will then search for the one that I want to purchase — Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor 27 Dry Cat FoodWhich is here:

(The above shows the page of the product and its description, picture and such. You may also enter the quantity of the product you would like to purchase. In case, I will put it down as 1)
Besides entering the quantity of the product, you may also choose the size (i.e. 10kg, 2kg)


And of course, as with all good e-commerce website, recommendations and suggestions are given. In this case, a couple more cat food from the brand ‘my cat may also love’ (pictured).

(I asked Buddy. Buddy determined it to be a LIE. My cat, Buddy, definitely may not love the rest of the food. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHH — sorry, i had to!)

Step 3: Payment & Delivery

Okay, so I have added the product to cart by pressing the orange “Add to cart” button, and ready to checkout/pay. What do I do? Well, I can either press the long-ish orange button that says “Proceed to checkout”, or press that orange colored basket logo to proceed to the checkout page.

(Check that the item(s) you carted into your shopping basket is correct. If yes, proceed to checkout by pressing the “Proceed to checkout” button)
The next page, the actual Checkout page, you will be required to either verify, or in my specific example shown below – to enter the personal information in order for them to process the order.


Once you are happy with everything you have entered into the required fields, it is time to place order. Go ahead and click on that orange button that says “Place Order“.

If you see the words “Your Order Has Been Received” and that you have an order no. indicated, it means your order has been received and assigned to a transaction number. From here, you can continue shopping, print the order by clicking “click here to print” (pictured), or be like me, just hang around till the delivery man comes knocking on the door.


Ta-dah! There you have it, purchasing cat (pet) food made easy online! Furthermore, the website is optimized for mobile browsing too. At Kohe Pets, they also do regular stuffs like:



Small animals






Grooming needs




Sale (My fav! Bonus: There is a place for you to donate too!)



It reads:

Help a homeless animal by donating necessities here! Shelters and animal rescue organisations like Lily Low Shelter and Uncle Khoe’s K9 have lots of homeless animals to care for and feed!

You can help them by donating kibble, canned food & anti-parasite medication; everything is priced at up to 38% off exclusively for animal shelters. Simply indicate in the Comments at Checkout which shelter you wish to donate to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

It is definitely not easy running a animal shelter or welfare group. If you and I are finding it hard to commit time for volunteering, perhaps the next best thing is contribute towards their operating funds, or donating food for those animals in need like what Kohe Pets is doing. ❤

My thoughts on shopping online with Kohe Pets Singapore:
Shopping online for cat food is definitely something super convenient and easy. I do not need to keep to a certain operating hours (i.e. retail opening hours) and can easily make purchase of anything I need from the e-store.

Shopping online also means that I get to save time and read up more on reviews and feedbacks on products especially for those that I am unaware or unfamiliar with. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it smell funny? These are some of the things I can find out simply by doing a cursory search. Yes, I can also do the same on my phone when I am physically in the store. But standing there in the shop, blocking other customers while you read up reviews of a cat treat is not something I would want to do.

Getting cat food online is all about the convenience, but not if it will cost significantly higher than if I were to purchase it from the store myself. Therefore, let us answer the burning question: Is it worthwhile to shop online (Kohe Pets)?

To help me answer the question, I will be comparing a product that both Kohe Pets and “P”, the famous pet shop, carries. I have selected Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor +7 Dry Cat Food 1.5 kg to do the price comparison.

At Kohe Pets:


At “P” store:


Okay, the non-VIP price is a little more expensive than what Kohe Pets is offering. However, with a VIP price, you’d be saving $0.18. Not much savings in my opinion. Let’s pick another item to compare. Let’s pick a dog food this time. Since I am a customer of Royal Canin brand, I will choose the first Royal Canin dog food I see: Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Miniature Schnauzer Dry Dog Food 3kg. Let’s compare!

At Kohe Pets:


At “P” store:

18985246_10155095537431928_215396617_n copy.jpg

In this comparison, we can see that the listed price of the Schnauzer dry food cost $57/3kg. In “P” store, non-VIP price is $64 ($7 more) while its VIP price is $60.80 ($2.20 more).

Therefore, I can conclude that shopping with Kohe Pets is definitely better and easier than to shop at the “P” store where I usually do my shopping at. Note that I am not saying that prices at the “P” store is the same across all physical pet stores. I am benchmarking it since that is the only store I purchase Buddy’s food from.

Will I return to Kohe Pets for my subsequent purchase based on the cost component? Definitely!

Will I recommend Kohe Pets based on their delivery? Cannot comment because my order has not been delivered yet.

Will I recommend my family and friends to shop for their pets’ need on Kohe Pets? Let me get back to this once I have received my order and then I will be able to comment.

Okay, I have come to the end of this special blog feature and I will definitely update this entry when my purchase is delivered! Keep a lookout for that ok?

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