An interview with Krozz!

Whenever someone approaches me with the intention of interviewing me for a featured article they are writing, I always think to myself, really?

Don’t get me wrong. I am eternally grateful and appreciative to be interviewed and have my voice and opinion heard. Perhaps I just never quite see myself as an interesting subject. And even if  I do, I wonder if people would even be interested to read what I have to say. Regardless, I am super happy but humbled to do an interview piece with Krozz over the last weekend.

Krozz, Singapore’s premier portal on style, dating and fine dining, sent me some questions regarding beauty products and couples. What’s the correlation you ask? That, you have to click on the link here to find out!


Krozz (extract).jpg
(An extract from the full article published on Krozz website)

Let me know what you guys think about it after reading the full interview article ok?


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