Unboxing: Be Mused Korea (Sponsored Product)

I love discovering niche beauty brands through the careful curation from e-commerce sites. The mix of products and brands really speaks volumes about the kind of business it is. In this video, I unboxed a parcel that was sent my way from the newest e-commerce site based in Korea. The owner, Lisa, is a beauty enthusiast, a blogger, and now, a brand curator for Be Mused Korea.

Some of the brands that are offered by Be Mused includes A. by Bom, a brand which recently appointed Choi Siwon as their ambassador. Earth’s Recipe, a brand that recently won the “2017 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1” award, is also available.

Other well-loved and/or rising brands such as Oneoseven, ATOCLASSIC, Corcell, Merbliss, and even Mastiha Shop, a global Greek brand, makes an appearance too! How cool is that!

Here is the unboxing video of the PR sample parcel which I received:

The products that were included in this parcel consists of:
1. Earth’s Recipe GigaWhite Radiance Serum
– Whitening and brightening serum with proven ingredients such as Niacinamide, Licorice Root Extract, and Tranexamic Acid, as well as a mixture of botanical extracts for hydration, and radiance improving

2. Earth’s Recipe Moisture Light Cream
– Plumping and hydrating moisturizer which is lightweight, non-greasy and contains Mushroom Extract, Fermented Bean, and Yam Extracts

3. A. by Bom (2 Step) Ultra Cool Leaf Mask
– Step1: Apply the leaf-shaped patch to targeted area(s) for hydration and elasticity. Step 2: Apply sheet mask over the patch(es) to moisturize, soothe, and revitalize tired complexion

4. Oneoseven Premium White & Black Soap Set 
– White Soap: Mild daily cleansing with 5-year old fermented vinegar; moisturizing. Black Soap: Deep pore cleansing & exfoliating with 7-year old fermented vinegar

5. Merbliss Nurse Healing Mask
– Heal your tired and stressed out skin with this soothing mask with extracts of Bamboo, Pine, Cypress, and even hydrolyzed Collagen.

Not bad! I am especially excited to be trying the Earth’s Recipe GigaWhite Radiance Serum because it REALLY packed a powerful punch of ingredients proven for healing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and of course, whitening for the skin. In short, this serum almost does everything you’d expect out from a serum

Are there any products in the video you’d like to see a review of? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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