Unboxing: MillaC Shop (Sponsored Product)

MillaC is an online shop based in Korea that carries several well-loved but niche K-beauty brands and recently took center stage when they announced their official launch into Singapore via Lazada during the KBeauty Showcase 2017 event back in August.

The kind PR folks at MillaC sent me a PR sample box and here is the unboxing video of it:

and it contains:

1. G9 Skin First Lip Stick (02 Dry Rose)
– a creamy, soft, lightweight lippie in a wearable hue

2. Brown Lab. Black Head Clear Kit
– 3-step blackhead (sebaceous filament) removal kit

3. G9 Skin It Clean Blackhead Cleansing Stick
– cleansing stick with natural exfoliating bits and sunflower seed oil to unclog pores

4. SKINRx LAB MadeCera Cream
– skin barrier repair cream with Madecassoside, Ceramide, Niacinamide, and Adenosine

5. Abib Gummy Sheet Mask (Milk Sticker)
– Ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask for resilience-, moisturizing-, and soothing-care

6. Abib Gummy Sheet Mask (Madeca Sticker)
– Ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask for soothing-, moisturizing-, and calming-care

7. Abib Gummy Sheet Mask (Heartleaf Sticker)
– Ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask for vitality-, moisturizing-, and relaxing-care

8. Brown Lab. Celloskin Mask (Aloe Vera)
– 5-free, 0.2m skinny fit celloskin sheet with Aloe Vera Water 900ppm for exceptional soothing and moisturizing effect

Very interesting mix. I have never tried any of the brands nor products in this box so this will be fun! Thank you MillaC!

To find out more about MillaC and what they carry, Β visit their official Lazada store here.

Of course, I will be posting IG-reviews of the products as and when I try them so do give me a follow on my InstagramΒ here. Full-length product reviews will also be posted on here so do keep an eye out for those too.

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