Featured: CNN Life; South Korean men lead the world’s male beauty market. Will the West ever follow suit?

Hey guys, what’s up?

I am back to do a little update to the blog with a recent CNN article I was interviewed and quoted in. This article is pretty dear to my heart because of my passion for beauty and also, I am a boy in love with beauty.

This article talks about how the South Korea beauty market has already seen an increase in male-oriented beauty products, including cosmetics, and how its western counterparts are entering the market with their inception of similar male-oriented beauty products aiming at its male target audience. It also explores the different notions from the two parts of the world on how its male citizens feel about the “beauty” and what it means to them, and how the society sees it.

This is a very well articulated article and I am so honoured to be a part of this conversation.

Credit: CNN Life

You can read the entire article by click on the link here.

Boys can wear makeup and have fun too!

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