NEW LAUNCH: Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes

Etude House just created two very limited edition, lovely color palettes for Spring/Summer use. Let’s take a look!

Credit: Etude House Korea website
Credit: Etude House Korea website

From the blurb, we can see that Etude House has come up with two different color schemes but for the same theme – Blossoms of the Spring/Summer.

  1. Fantastic Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom: Matte (almost) neon pink, matte soft pink, sparkly light champagne pink, dark browns and light ambers
  2. Fantastic Color Eyes in Rose Blossom (Garden): Warmer red hues, bold red, metallic craneberry-rose, light brick, copper bronze and brown

The new & limited edition Fantastic Color Eyes palette is retailing each at ₩14,000 (approx. SGD$17.40, USD$12.70, €11.40, £8.30).

If you are interested to find out more, do check out their website here.

What do you guys think of these Spring/Summer themed color palettes? Which one would you be getting? I would go for the Cherry Blossom because it just…speaks to me. 🙂


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